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Introducing BC Interruption's Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament

via <a href="">David Salafia flickr</a>
via David Salafia flickr

Boston is a sport's town known for many things -- the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, Celtics and of course, Boston College. But one often overlooked aspect that makes Boston sports that much more enjoyable is the bar scene. We here at BC Interruption decided to take a look at these bars and see which one like to drink a nice frosty beer at the most.

Because BC Interruption is dedicated to all things Boston College, we are going to focus on only bars that are frequented by BC students on game day or just for a night out.

So how exactly is this contest going to be run? Just like the NCAA Tournament, but without the RPI, SOS and selection committee crap that you've grown to hate. Bars will be judged and voted on by you, the readers, on the following criteria:

1. Ambience -- Is it so loud that you can't have a conversation? Flat Screens? Are seats easy to find?  Is it overrun with BU fans? Are BC games even shown here?
2. Affordability -- How much does it cost for a plate of nachos? Are beers $8 a pop?
3. Special Events/Niche -- Karaoke, Trivia nights, wing specials, extensive beer selection, DJ?
4. Accessibility -- Near the T or BC bus or do you have to get a cab to get here?
5. Food/Beer Selection -- What do they have for drinks? Will you be stuck drinking Coors Light all night? How is the food?

Starting early next week, we'll unveil the Tournament bracket and begin with three Sweet 16 matchups. Voting will be open for a week with the grand champion of BC bars being selected some time in August. Sixteen bars enter, but only one will be crowned the ultimate BC bar.

The following bars have been selected for the competition: Mary Ann's, RoggiesCitySideWhite Horse Tavern, The Avenue, Sunset Grille, Big CityThe Publick House, Union St., Kinvara's, Our HouseJoshua Tree, Harry's Bar & Grill, Golden TempleCommon Ground and An Tua Nua.

I have not seeded these bars yet, other than Mary Ann's being the obvious #1 seed. That's what I'm looking to you the readers for help. How would you rank these 16 bars (1-16)? If you think some of these bars aren't great for BC students/alum, rank them lower! If you love a particular bar's beer and pricing, rank them higher.

If any of these bars want to get favorable reviews or a higher seed, drop me an email. I can be easily be bribed with a plate of Buffalo wings and a couple tall, cold Sam Adams. Hey, I never said this was going to be fair.

Let the games begin!