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The BC Interruption Hate Index, Volume X

The BC Interruption Hate Index has reached its 10th installment. Two founding members -- Boston University and Jim Calhoun -- have now reached Hate Index Hall of Fame (Hall of Hate?) status. Congratulations. May you permanently be etched into the annals of all things BC fans hate i.e. the BC Interruption left sidebar.

(If anyone who has decent Photoshop skillz wants to create a plaque commemorating this accomplishment, please email us -- bcinterruption at gmail -- or leave a comment below).

Last Week's Relegation: UMass -- So the Minutemen's stint on the BC Interruption Hate Index was quite short-lived. Unfortunately, a pro-UMass crowd got hold of the Hate Index last week and with a late voting surge, ran away with last week's relegation poll. No matter. I suppose it's just as well that we don't waste any more words on the Minutemen, seeing as they pale in comparison to BC in football, hockey, basketball, sailing, baseball and pretty much every other collegiate sport out there.

On to this week's list.


- Neighbors (9 consecutive weeks) -- As a surprise to pretty much no one, our neighbors are now one week away from Hall of Fame status and showing no signs of relegation.

- Boston University (10) -- #Sucks2BU

- Notre Dame Students (5) -- From the mouth of babes: "As far as BC being an ND rival, I'm sorry, but among my ND friends and family (much of my family went to ND), BC isn't even on their radar. Suggesting that BC is ND's seventh most-important rival is off, as I'm not sure BC rates that high. First, you've only played 20 times and had a gap as recently as 2005-2006. Among recent opponents, ND has played more games with USC, Navy, Michigan, Michigan State, Army, Air Force, Pitt, Purdue, and Stanford. Of those, Navy and Air Force are the only ones without a national championship. Notre Dame's first national championship was sealed with a win over Stanford. My impression of the average ND fan's opinion of the importance of BC is that BC is an annoying upstart. I'm not sure the word "rival" even belongs in the same sentence."

- Jim Calhoun (10) --"Jim Calhoun just landed a huge recruit in Omar Calhoun (reportedly not related) by telling him that old geezer Calhoun isn't going anywhere: "It was the passion that coach Calhoun demonstrated, an excitement that he brought to the table. It was the energy level that he spoke with and the determination that you saw in his eyes to win another championship. You felt like he was in it for the long haul." So, either Calhoun is lying to his recruits (oh noes!) or he'll end up breaking more NCAA violations well into his 80s.

- Bill Simmons (7) -- Bill Simmons latest venture -- -- launched this week. Though it has nothing to do with BC, I'm sure it's going to include long-winded rants about everything Boston, with tons of backhanded slaps at BC. And the format looks like a bad Wordpress blog from 2003. @BCHysteria

- Caulton Tudor (6) -- Here's a quote from Tudor's latest ACC NOW blog post: "The first Heisman Trophy handicap lists for the 2011 college football season are out, and the ACC barely is represented. That's not surprising, of course." Let me guess -- the ACC would have received more Heisman love this year if the ACC hadn't expanded, or the league booted Miami or BC for ECU, right?

- Having to Graduate (4) -- "It has now been about a month since you graduated from college, so you probably just received your first student loan bill in the mail. Look at it ... that massive number is due to the four years of good times you had at BC. But don't worry. You will have this paid off by the time you're 50." @BCHysteria

- This Week's Addition: "Golden Eagles" (1) -- Referring to Boston College's various athletics programs as the "Golden Eagles" is just plain lazy writing. To my knowledge, the school's official nickname was never the "Golden Eagles," it's just some strange amalgamation of one of our school colors and official mascot. Referring to BC as the "Golden Eagles" is the stuff of Top 50 Bleacher Report slideshows recapping games that were played 15 years before the author was born: "Notre Dame was upset by Boston College the week after they defeated Florida State. They should have beaten the Golden Eagles, but they were too emotionally drained from their battle the week before."

The "Golden Eagles" ... well, that's Southern Miss, Marquette, Oral Roberts or College at Brockport: SUNY. Not BC.

As a reminder, please add your nominations for the vacated spot in the comments (and/or add better descriptions for the index members you truly despise). The best submission(s) each week will be featured in next week's Hate Index.