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Five UCF Football Players You Need To Know

Part of UCF Week.

UCF is one of those under the radar teams -- in a largely unrecognized conference -- that does not get the attention you'd expect given their recent success. Last season the Knights won 11 games, including an upset over Georgia in the Liberty Bowl. Most of the key players from 2010 will be returning to the Knights this season, which should give them a solid foundation for this season. For many BC fans, the names and faces of UCF players are unfamiliar, so leave it to BCI to help educate you. Let's look at some of the key players that made last year so successful for UCF:

1.  Jeff Godfrey -- Quarterback. Godfrey came in as a highly touted recruit, breaking all high school records in the state of Florida, and last year as a freshman he lived up to the billing. He threw for 2,159 yards and 13 TDs last season, while amassing 555 yards and 9 TDs rushing. Godfrey will be the second mobile QB Boston College will face in as many weeks. His numbers may be misleading though as he only threw for 316 yards with no touchdowns and 4 INTs in his three games against schools in BCS Conferences. Will BC be able to keep the pressure on him and keep Godfrey from having the kind of numbers he had consistently against the other Conference USA schools?

2. Josh Robinson -- Cornerback. Arguably UCF's best defender and possibly their best NFL prospect. Last season he tied for the team lead in interceptions with two. Only a sophomore, Robinson is built to cause hell on Kevin Rogers and the Eagles' offense. He's fast, great in coverage, and physical, and also the teams primary punt returner (averaging 15 yards a return last season). He's definitely someone that Chase Rettig is going to need to locate at all times, or he could make life difficult for the Eagles.

3. Latavius Murray -- Running Back. Last year UCF went with a trio of running backs, but this year it appears that Murray will be getting the bulk of the carries. BC's stingy run defense will make life difficult for the bulky Murray (225 lbs), but if UCF wants to stay in this game they are going to have to figure out a way to get him going. UCF held it's own against N.C. State last season, but 5 turnovers killed them. With good ball control through Murray this could help alleviate that problem.

4. Troy Davis -- Linebacker / Defensive End. Last year's leading pass rusher Bruce Miller is gone, and Davis is going to have to be THE guy on the pass rush. Compound that with the departure of DC Dave Huxtable to Wisconsin and with him goes a scheme that helped UCF allow the eighth fewest points in the nation last season. A relative unknown, Davis had a monster spring recording five sacks in the Spring Game. There are a lot of questions on the offensive line for BC this year, and someone is going to have to step up and contain Davis, or Rettig will running for his life for most of the game.

5. Nick Pieschel -- Right Tackle. Last year Godfrey was sacked only 18 times, which was due in part to his quick feet, but also because he had a great offensive line. BC showed last season that they can contain scrambling QB's, so it will be up to Pieschel to open holes for Godfrey and Murray.

Just missing the cut:

6. Knightro -- The Mascot. Nightmare fuel at its extreme. If I were Baldwin I would get nowhere near this thing. It looks like a bad villain from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that could shoot lasers out of its eyes and would just love to eat an Eagle for a snack.