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SB Nation Conference Re-Draft Project: Draft Pairs?

The first round (first six picks) of the SB Nation Conference Re-Draft are in the books, and the second round is currently in progress. And while we won't be releasing the results of the draft until next Monday 6/20 (over at Cowboys Ride For Free), you can take an educated guess at which programs came off the board and which programs are still available.

With round 1 complete, it's time to start planning the strategy around our next set of picks. For reference, here is the second and third round draft order:

2 (7). Red Cup Rebellion
2 (8). House of Sparky
2 (9). Big East Coast Bias
2 (10). Team Speed Kills
2 (11). Black Heart Gold Pants
2 (12). BC Interruption
3 (13). BC Interruption

3 (14). Black Heart Gold Pants
3 (15). Team Speed Kills
3 (16). Big East Coast Bias
3 (17). House of Sparky
3 (18). Red Cup Rebellion

By nature of the snake draft format, BC Interruption -- with the help of our first round selection and #1 overall pick colleagues -- will get to pick in pairs for rounds 2-11, e.g. picks 12-13, 24-25, 36-37, 48-49 and 60-61.

So let's talk strategy. When we get to these pair picks, how should we go about this? Should we attempt to pick teams for the next several rounds in logical pairs? In other words, programs that are natural rivals, share a geography, history, non-revenue sport such as hockey or baseball or are similar academically? And if we should, which pairs of programs would you expect to still be available for picks 12-13, 24-25, etc?

Or we could take this in a completely different direction, picking the best available that fit our specified draft strategy without much regard to how the particular programs fit together. If you subscribe to this strategy, which programs are worthy of our next set of picks at 12 and 13?

Your thoughts? Draft strategy. Go.