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Just How Good Is Dan Persa? And The Big Finish

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Wrapping up Northwestern Preview Week ...

Brian: In BC's season opener, they will face first-team All Big Ten quarterback Dan Persa and the Northwestern Wildcats. Before rupturing his Achilles tendon in the Iowa game last year, Persa had amassed 2,500 yards through the air and only threw four picks. He also completed an amazing 73.5 percent of passes during the year, and nearly became the team's leading rusher, missing the record by 11 yards.

He's a fast, mobile quarterback that isn't afraid to tuck the ball and run with it.

My question is how good is Dan Persa? Is he the best quarterback the Eagles will face in 2011? And what, if any, effect will his Achilles injury have in the season opener against the Eagles? Your thoughts?

Jeff: In trying to answer this question, I'm trying to figure out who else might be a top-notch quarterback on our schedule this season. UCF will be starting a new QB, Notre Dame doesn't know who they'll start but the options are better than most of our ACC opponents and in the ACC, have already stated that Sean Renfree from Duke is the favorite to lead the conference in passing yards.

So are we really entering a season that we play Florida State, Clemson, Virginia Tech, and Notre Dame where we are debating who will be the best quarterback we face -- the one from Duke or the one from Northwestern.

Northwestern has a better chance of winning the Big Ten than Duke has of winning the ACC. Northwestern is 15-1 to win their conference behind Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisonsin, Iowa and Michigan. This is a remarkable shift in balance of talent. Despite the oddity here, I think it is safe to say that right now Dan Persa does appear to be the best quarterback we will face. Anyone who is first team All-Big Ten is most likely doing to be the best QB BC faces in any year, but will the lack of proven talent at the position in the ACC this season, he is certainly the choice this year.


Big Finish

Brian: Michigan and Notre Dame will install a pay-for-pad model where you can buy a cushioned seat for a little extra cash. Is this something BC should look to implement? 

Jeff: Regardless of what I think, I'm sure they will do it at BC soon if it works for Michigan and ND.


Jeff: Despite not having many commitments for the 2012 football class, at least those that we have are of high quality.

Brian: Agreed. It's hard to be a Spaz hater when he's doing very well on the recruiting trail.


Brian: Clemson five-star RB recruit Mike Bellamy posted several shots of himself and many, many $100 bills as a joke. Think Dabo and the Clemson coaching staff are laughing along with Bellamy?

Jeff: No, there are way too many rumors and allegations flying around these days.


Jeff: Several Eagles were drafted in the MLB draft. Anyone you'll follow at the next level or don't care?

Brian: Senior John Leonard can sign right away. Hoping he catches on with the Giants.


Brian: Williams College edged BC as the most expensive college in the state of Massachusetts. Both have costs just over $54,500. 

Jeff: Ugh, so much for sending my kids there.


Jeff: Bob Ryan credits much of his love for hockey to attending Boston College. Surprised?

Brian: Any woman who considers it a  mortal sin to miss a BC home hockey game is a keeper in my book


Brian: Last one. The Stanley Cup Finals is now 3-2 in favor of the Canucks. Who hoists the Cup? BC's Cory Schneider and Andrew Alberts or the local Bruins?

Jeff: Canucks in 7.