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Gene DeFilippo Staying Put, Will Be Here "For Many Years To Come"

In the past few days, Gene DeFilippo's name has been floated as a possible replacement for Mike Hamilton, the embattled Tennessee Volunteers Athletic Director who announced his resignation on Tuesday. BC's Athletic Director was also associated with the UT Athletics Director search back in 2003, and has several ties to the school.

DeFilippo began his career as a graduate assistant for the Volunteers football program in the early 1970s and received his masters at Tennessee. GDF would later pull his name out of the running for the AD position when Hamilton got the job.

Eight years later, a few thought it possible that DeFilippo would be in a "different place" in his life and would be more willing to entertain a move back to Rocky Top.

Responding to the rumors that he might leave Boston College to take on the same position at the University of Tennessee, DeFilippo made it known in no uncertain terms he's staying put on the Heights: Via EEI:

"While I am a Tennessee graduate (master's degree) and love UT and Knoxville, my heart is here at Boston College," DeFilippo said in a statement from the school. "I am very fortunate to have the only job I want. [Wife] Anne and I will remain at BC for many years to come."

Glad we can put this rumor to rest and Tennessee can get on with its pursuit of Ric Flair as Athletic Director. Heel turn, wooooooooo!