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New England Patriots Practicing At Alumni Stadium

Alumni Stadium Patriots
Alumni Stadium Patriots

This is a picture -- albeit not a very close one -- of the New England Patriots practicing at Alumni Stadium this morning. After all of the rumors, and guesses, it took the BC Women's Rowing Team to give the definitive proof. Boston College is a perfect place for the Patriots to practice in secrecy -- the seniors are gone, the summer students are moved to Newton and Upper Campus, and Chestnut Hill is like kryptonite to the mainstream Boston media.

We can all hope that Gene DeFilippo took this as an opportunity to improve his football program's on-field strategy. Maybe he made Spaz cancel his vacation plans, gave him a pen and paper and told him to write notes about the plays he was watching on the field.  I can envision Spaz's wheels in his head turning "Oh, so there are other plays other than straight draws up the middle!" Maybe if BC fans are lucky Tom Brady took some time to give Chase Rettig a lesson or two.

I know it would never happen, but we can dream can't we?