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Mark Herzlich Will Bypass UFL, Wait Out NFL Lockout

When Mark Herzlich was drafted with the next to last pick of the 2011 UFL Draft by the Omaha Nighthawks, many figured he would bypass signing with the Nighthawks and take his chances catching on in the NFL as an undrafted free agent. 

Sounds like that is exactly the path Mark will take to land his dream job in the NFL.

Herzlich told Sports Illustrated's Peter King that he will bypass signing with the UFL's Nighthawks and take his chances in the NFL:

"I think Mark Herzlich, the Boston College linebacker spurned by the NFL in the draft, will wait for the chance to sign with a team in free agency, whenever the league and players do a deal. He direct-tweeted me Sunday (what a country) that he'd bypass the Omaha Nighthawks -- he was drafted by the United Football League team Monday -- and wait for his chance to make a team as one of the undrafteds."

For Mark's sake, I hope the NFL labor situation gets resolved sooner rather than later. The longer the NFL lockout lasts, the harder it will be for UDFAs to catch on in the NFL, especially if the lockout continues through August and fall camps.

Best of luck to Herzlich as he tries to catch on in the NFL.

HT: Pro Football Talk