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Boston College Game Of The Year? And The Big Finish

Brian: The end of the 2010-11 season is fast approaching. What better time than now to reflect back on the year that was Boston College Eagles sports. The question I have today is what is your pick for game of the year? Taking a look back at this year's football, men's basketball and hockey results, here are my nominations for each sport.

Football. This year's football results left a lot to be desired, considering the Eagles rattled off five straight losses in less than a month. I suppose you could go with BC's 16-10 victory over Clemson that snapped the 5-game skid, or you could go for BC's 16-7 win over Syracuse (and redemption for the Diamond Ferri game).

Basketball. In hoops, I'd probably give the nod to BC's dominant 76-61 road victory over the Hokies late in the season. That Eagles' win may have burst the Hokies' bubble, and since BC didn't make the NCAAs, the best we could have hoped for is ruining someone else's season. Honorable mention: BC's 67-65 win over Texas A&M in the Old Spice Classic.

Hockey. The BC hockey team captured another Beanpot title with a pair of overtime victories over Boston University and Northeastern. Both great games, but my pick here is BC's 5-3 victory over Merrimack for the Hockey East Tournament title. Merrimack had a great year and it was nice to see BC put the Warriors in their place a bit by winning the school's third Hockey East title in four years.

So who you got? What is your one pick for game of the year for BC?

Jeff: In football the most exciting finish was probably the win over Duke. But I would imagine few people even watched that game to know what happened and as unexciting as the 2010-11 athletic season was for BC, I don't think a win in football over Duke can make this list regardless of who it ended.

I would have to agree with you that the football win over Clemson was the best win of their season. It was not the most exciting time for the football team because they were coming off of a five game losing streak.

In basketball, the win over Virginia Tech was nice but predictable because the Hokies were in a post Duke victory hangover. The high water mark for any of the major sports was when the hockey team won the Beanpot and Hockey East, but again, probably not half as those two games combined as did watch Boston College-Virginia Tech, BC-Florida State, BC-Clemson or BC-Nevada in football. Given that, I'll go with the win over Clemson being the game of the year for BC with an honorable mention going to the women's soccer team for tying Stanford early in the season.


Big Finish

Brian: The NCAA men's basketball rules committee has recommended a no-charge zone for the 2011-12 season. This cool with you?

Jeff: Make it the same as the NBA. Fine with me.


Jeff: How surprised were you by Gary Williams retirement announcement yesterday and the fact he did so after most available coaches have found new jobs?

Brian: A little surprised, yes. The timing is unfortunate and it's another blow to ACC basketball.


Brian: BC's Jordan Daniels notes that he's played with the Eagles' three other California recruits before. Will this familiarity help the new class gel more quickly?

Jeff: Let's hope. We need something to click next season.


Jeff: HD has BC #7 in her post-spring power rankings. I thought she'd bury the Eagles a little further down. Even called them a division contender. You surprised too?

Brian: I would have BC higher in the Atlantic. I don't have faith in either Mike Glennon or Tahj Boyd at QB.


Brian: Notre Dame is ranked 16th in ESPN's post-spring Top 25, even before Brian Kelly has named a starting QB. Are the Irish all hype? 

Jeff: Once again, yes.


Jeff: ND is not the most overhyped opponent of ours this coming season though. Florida State is ranked #3 on that list. Did they not notice that the Seminoles starting QB got drafted #12? Yet they'll be that much better?

Brian: I think the 'Noles are still a year away, but they do benefit from an easy schedule this season.


Brian: Last one. Gary Williams hanging them up for good at Maryland is good news for BC, yes?

Jeff: Yes, good news. Maryland will take a brief step back.