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2011 Big Ten ACC Challenge: Who You Got The Eagles Playing?

The Big Ten's Senior Associate Commissioner Mark Rudner recently Tweeted that the matchups for this year's Big Ten ACC Challenge will be announced in the next few days:

"Look for Big Ten ACC MBB Challenge announcement ~May 10, give or take. Could be as many as 7 new matchups."

Boston College has the only perfect mark in the annual basketball series with a record of 5-0. Well, Nebraska too now, technically ... if only for a few months. In addition, BC's five game winning streak in the Challenge is second best to Maryland's six-game winning streak.

If the pattern holds, this year's matchup will be a road game for BC. The Eagles have previously faced Indiana (88-76 win), Michigan (62-58), Iowa (57-55), Michigan ... again (77-64) and Michigan State (65-58).

So who do you want the Eagles to face in this year's Challenge? Do you want BC to face a marquee opponent on the road (Ohio State, Wisconsin, Purdue) or a team from the bottom half of the B1G Ten (Penn State, Iowa)? Maybe newcomer Nebraska?

Whichever team the Eagles face, let's hope it's not a Northwestern team that drilled BC in the second round of this year's NIT.