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2011 NBA Draft: Jordan Williams, Iman Shumpert Staying In The Draft

Maryland's forward Jordan Williams has hired an agent and will stay in the draft, forgoing his final two years of eligibility.

"Just got home to the news that Maryland's star center, Jordan Williams, is hiring an agent and staying in the draft. The news originally came from the WaPo, and he's already tweeted about his decision.

Williams' departure isn't exactly a surprise - this has been the most likely course for some time now, as I've said before. Too many stars aligned for him to stay out. Frankly, Jordan isn't really the prototypical first-rounder; he might have a wildly successful NBA career, but front offices tend to shy away from prospects like him so early (see: Dejuan Blair). With a bunch of guys staying in college, Williams has a great shot at a first round pick that may not exist later on."

Thank god. Even though BC was 2-1 in Williams' two seasons at Maryland, he was still a monster against the Eagles. Williams had 39 points and 21 boards in two losses to BC this past season. 

Georgia Tech's Iman Shumpert is gone as well:

"At the time he decided to enter his name into the draft in late March, Shumpert said he was 50-50 and that he would likely return if he was projected as a second-round pick. That has largely turned out to be the evaluation. NBA scouting director Ryan Blake said last week that he projected Shumpert as either a second-round pick or undrafted and advised him to stay in school."

Your move, Reggie.