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Boston College's Amy Poehler Delivers Harvard Class Day Speech

It's been a rough three year stretch for Boston College basketball, who has gone 0-3 against the cross-town Harvard Crimson in each of the last three seasons. So while Harvard can boast both academic and basketball superiority over BC, they still had to call upon a Boston College alum to deliver the school's senior Class Day speech.

BC alum and Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler gave the 2011 Harvard Class Day speech on Wednesday, and the speech has gone viral. Online searches of the actress jumped 108,000 percent in one day.

Here's the money quote: "I graduated from Boston College, which some call the Harvard of Boston, but we all know that Harvard is the Harvard of Harvard. And you can quote me on that."

Poehler later quipped, "I tried to write today's speech the way I wrote everything in college. I stayed up all night, typing on a Canon word processor while listening to Sir Mix-a-Lot." This, oddly enough, is exactly how we write blog posts here at BC Interruption.

It wasn't all laughs and funny words from Poehler though, who gave some practical and serious advice to Harvard grads ... which has been summarized here.

If you can't beat 'em, make 'em laugh, I guess.