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APR In The ACC: Basketball Edition

All 28 Boston College varsity sports scored high marks in this year's NCAA Academic Progress Report. Not really new news, so let's take a look at ACC's APR picture for men's basketball.

The Boston College basketball team turned in a multi-year APR score of 972, which was good for only the middle-of-the-pack in the ACC. Just like football, Duke again led the conference with a multi-year score of 990. Also ahead of BC was Virginia Tech (985), N.C. State (985) and Miami (975). Both Virginia Tech and Clemson (964) recorded a perfect score of 1000 during the 2009-10 season.

Georgia Tech's multi-year APR score was a whole ten points below the NCAA's 925 cutoff. As a result, the Jackets will be assessed a one-scholarship penalty which has already been served. Tech's 2007-08 score of 840 is severely weighing down the four-year average. New coach Brian Gregory will have some work to do to improve Georgia Tech basketball's academic standing.

Florida State is barely scraping by with a four-year score of 926. This past year's 911 mark is weighing down the four-year average and Leonard Hamilton will have to work with the team to improve academically, lest the Seminoles will also get docked a scholarship or two.

Virginia's four-year average got dragged down by an abysmal 833 APR score in 2009-10. The Cavaliers are still 15 points above the NCAA minimum threshold, but another bad year could put the program on shaky ground.

Also, LOL @ UConn.