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Who Is The Fastest Boston College Eagle?

Is Clyde Lee the fastest Boston College Eagle on the football team? (Doubt it's Emmett Cleary) (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Is Clyde Lee the fastest Boston College Eagle on the football team? (Doubt it's Emmett Cleary) (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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Josh Parnell of the ACC blog ACC Mania is putting together a list of the fastest players in the ACC. He recently reached out to BC Interruption asking us to nominate one BC player who is the fastest on the team. Honestly, when the topic was brought up to me, I had no clue who that player would be. No one on BC's team last season struck me with their blazing speed, so I thought, let's look this up and see if I can take some shot-in-the-dark guesses who might be the fastest player on the team.

1. Montel Harris -- This guess is based purely on his breakaway speed on some of his longer runs. Harris seems like if he did a 40 yard dash he would probably be top 1 or 2.

2. Clyde Lee -- Without a doubt the fastest wide receiver we have on the team. Alex Amidon seems quick, and Ifeanyi Momah has long legs, but I think in terms of raw speed and giddy up it has to be Clyde Lee. Now compare him to the speedsters on an SEC team and he probably wouldn't even register, but everything is relative here.

3. Tahj Kimble -- This is based purely on what I saw of him during the Spring Game, which I know, doesn't mean a hill of beans. He seemed like he had good speed, definitely more than Andre Williams, but maybe even more than Harris. Could he be the fastest RB on the team? Maybe a few late runs during a UMass or Wake Forest blowout will give us evidence of that.

4. Dominique Williams -- Another example of speed during the spring game. Easily looked like the fast cornerback out of the bunch. I thought of putting in Albert Jean-Louis here, purely on the fantasies of what I hope he will mean to our defense. But scouting reports say otherwise:

"He doesn't appear to have the true top end elite speed that most look for in a pure cover corner, although he has been timed in the (4.5) range."

5. Chase Rettig -- After watching him run for his life for most of the 2010 season, you had to think he has to have some speed. Otherwise he would have been sacked almost every time he dropped back to pass.

Those were five BC players I could think of that might be the fastest on the team. Now I know BC will never show SEC speed, but they do have some players who show good speed. Who do you think is the fastest player on the team?