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Judgment Day Now October 21, Can We Use This To BC's Advantage?

via <a href="">mikelehen Flickr</a>
via mikelehen Flickr

May 21, 2011 came and went without us all getting raptured. But California preacher Harold Camping is sticking to his guns, now claiming that the new, new Judgment Day will come on October 21

You see, Saturday was an "invisible judgment day," and the actual apocalypse will now occur five months after May 21, the original prediction date. You follow?

Other than the massive bummer about Earth getting consumed by a giant fireball, I'll also be disappointed about the fact that the world will end a day before BC's trip to Lane Stadium to face the Virginia Tech Hokies. Nevermind that we'll miss BC's Thursday night home game against Florida State, as well as road trips to South Bend and Miami Gardens.

Wait. Come to think of it, we could use the end of the world to BC's advantage.

If the world does end on 10/21/2011, the football team would have played Northwestern, Central Florida, Duke, UMass, Wake Forest and Clemson. Four of those six games will be at home (and BC's first six games are definitely the lighter part of the 2011 schedule). If the Eagles can get past NU in the season opener, BC stands a good shot of starting the season 6-0, right?

So if the world does end on October 21, what will Boston College football's record be at the End of Days? Can we claim a share of the 2011 BCS National Championship in an apocalypse-shortened season? Your thoughts?