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NCAA Football 12 Feature: Redefining The Atlantic Coast Conference

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One of the best new features of the yet to be released NCAA Football 12: ability to completely control conference realignment, everything from bowl tie-ins, division names, championship game locations and more. You can even expand your football conference to 16 teams, but why would you want to create such an unwieldy, ridiculous college sports conference like that (looking at you, Big East).

You want to start from scratch and create the perfect Atlantic Coast Conference? Now you can with NCAA Football 12, as you play John Swofford. So the question is which teams you in the perfect ACC?

Personally, I think I'm going with a 10 team conference so that football can play a round-robin, 9-game conference schedule, basketball can play an 18-game round-robin sched and we can do away with the unbalanced schedule and silly division names like 'Legends,' 'Leaders,' 'Atlantic' and 'Coastal.' Here goes:

Brian John Swofford's new Atlantic Coast Conference:

Boston College
North Carolina
Georgia Tech
Virginia Tech
Florida State 

And there you have it. A new ACC for both football and basketball (that includes BC, natch). Plenty of strong rivalries (BC-Cuse, BC-VT, BC-Miami, Duke-Carolina, GT-VT, GT-Clemson, GT-FSU, the Florida Big 3), strong programs for both hoops and football and an opportunity to play every school in both sports every season (unlike the current setup, where we only get Miami in football every few years).

Enough programs with strong academics to keep the conference well respected academically -- BC, Syracuse, Duke, North Carolina -- even though we are kicking out UVa and Wake Forest. You corner the college football market in talent-rich Florida with the three programs that have mattered historically. As a bonus, you decrease the influence that the NC schools have on the conference by booting Wake Forest and N.C. State.

Finally, since you only have ten programs for football, you don't have to worry about where to host a Championship Game in football as there wouldn't be one (and don't have to hear FSU fans bitch about the cold weather of Charlotte). 

If you had free reign and could draw redraw the lines of the ACC, which programs would you pick? What custom conferences are you planning on creating when the game is released on July 12?