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Previewing Boston College Football's 2011 Home Schedule

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Yesterday, I took a look at what road games lie ahead for the 2011 Boston College Eagles. Tough games against Virginia Tech, Clemson and Notre Dame highlighted what could be a very tough road schedule for BC this season. Luckily, our home schedule is a little more forgiving. On the negative side of things, this year we have the fewest home games since 2005, which as a season ticket holder, sucks. Let's look at BC's home schedule for this season, see what games are going to be a walk in the park, and which ones may cause some headaches for the Spaz and the Eagles.

Northwestern Wildcats (September 3) - Opening game for the Eagles and for the first time in recent memory, it will not be a walk in the park (a la Weber State, Kent State). Northwestern was a bowl team last year, though they haven't won a bowl game since Harry Truman was president. However, this is a team with high expectations. This game happens before the students arrive on campus, so the "home field advantage" might be muted, could NU pull off an upset? Chances of BC win: 70%

Duke Blue Devils (September 17) - Last year's game at Duke was one of the most infuriating game in the Spaz Error. BC snuck out of Durham by the skin of their teeth, holding off the Blue Devils on the final drive. Duke is not a good team, never has been, probably never will be. But Spaz has a tendency to play down to the level of his opponents. Will BC repeat their struggles against the bottom rung teams this season? Chances of BC win: 80%

UMass Minutemen (September 24) - UMass will be coming to Alumni Stadium trying to prove they are ready for FBS level football as they prepare their transition to the MAC Conference. Haha, nice try guys. Might not be the blowout Eagles fans are hoping for, but BC should win this game easily. Even when the Minutemen are a FBS team, they will still be scheduled by BC as early schedule fodder for an easy win. Losing to UMass is something that constantly give me nightmares, but luckily it won't be happening any time soon. Chances of BC win: 95%

Wake Forest Demon Deacons (October 1) - Last year was a very disappointing year for the Demon Deacons, as they wallowed in the basement of the ACC Atlantic Division. This is a program, and athletic program that is in utter disarray right now, which is kind of depressing because WF was once a highlight on BC's schedule. It's hard to imagine that a team that with a record las season as bad as Virginia & Duke would be competition for BC this year. Yet anything is possible. Chances of BC win: 80%

Then BC goes away for a long, long time.....

Florida St. Seminoles (November 3) - Projected by almost all analysts and prognosticators to win the ACC, and by many as National Title Contenders. And for good reason. FSU is bringing in one of the best recruiting classes in their history, and the team seemed to really buy into Jimbo Fisher's system last year. Their defense is scary good, and could cause havoc on Rettig. If they force BC's sophomore The only question FSU has is: Will EJ Manuel be able to manage the FSU offense as effectively as Christian Ponder? Chances of BC win: 25%

N.C. State Wolfpack (November 12) - Tom O'Brien returns to the Heights for his 3rd game against his former school. Russell Wilson is gone, and with him goes NC State's identity. Last season Wilson tore up the BC defense, in a 44-17 dismantling of the Eagles. BC should be able to handle NC State's offense more effectively in this game, and force TOB to leave empty handed again. Chances of BC win: 55%

Unlike BC's road schedule, the home games seem much more manageable. With the exception of FSU, every game at Alumni seems like it could be an easy win. But as I've mentioned before, nothing with Spaz is ever easy or a given. Under his regime BC has never shown the ability to bury lesser teams, and as we saw last year, the Eagles have a tendency to allow them to get back into games.