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Where Will Luke Kuechly Be In 2012?

If there is a Boston College player to get really excited about this season, it has to be All American linebacker Luke Kuechly. For the past two seasons the dude has become one of, if not THE best linebackers in the entire country. Over on ESPN today Mel Kiper released his first "Big Board" of the year, and who was #16? Luke Kuechly.....who's only a junior. Usually I don't read any of Kiper's crap, because its just silly projections that are based on very little information, against a backdrop of an unplayed season with of statistics. Yet, this is a BC player, and Kuechly leaving raises an interesting dilemma. Would Kuechly forgo his senior season and enter the draft? Let's look at the positives and negatives for entering the draft:

Reasons to enter 2012 NFL Draft

  • If Kuechly puts another clinic in awesomeness this year, his stock won't get any higher. That equals a high draft pick and some great guaranteed money, which all of course depends on the outcome of the current lockout.
  • Why risk having an injury derail your senior season, and have your draft stock plummet (a la Da'Quan Bowers). All it takes is one freak knee injury to make a sure first rounder fall down into the 3rd and 4th rounds.
  • Money, money, money. If the dude wants to get paid why not leave a year early. If his junior year looks anything like his sophomore year Kuechly won't have much left to prove to scouts.

Reasons to stay at Boston College for Senior season

  • If BC does not get to a BCS bowl this season (here's to hoping), Kuechly might want to see if he can cement his legacy at Boston College by bringing them to the promised land his senior season.
  • AT BC it's almost an expectation for players to stay all four years. Of course you get an occasional Willie Green, but for the most part they graduate a high percentage of their athletes. Get a degree, follow the "BC tradition". You know the drill.
  • BC is a team that will be set up for 2012, Rettig will be a junior, the younger recruits (Pierre Louis, Albert Louis Jean) will have another year under their belt. If Kuechly wants to make one final run with BC, this would be a great year to do it.
  • Kuechly sits roughly 220 tackles behind the NCAA's all time leader in tackles (Tim McGonagle of Northwestern who had 545). He would definitely need another season to catch that prestigious record
  • When the NCAA inevitably gives the Butkus Award to someone else, Kuechly might want to take one more crack at trying to win the award. Kuechly with a chip on his shoulder would be scary.

Whatever Luke Kuechly decides to do, it's not going to be an easy decision for him. Obviously as a BC fan I would love to see him stay one more season, but given the frequency of injuries, and the monetary gains of leaving after his junior year, it's understandable if he left.