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Previewing Boston College Football's 2011 Road Schedule

Earlier in the week, Brian and Jeff talked about BC's difficulty on the road. Over the past two seasons, Spaz has really struggled to have his team perform away from the friendly confines of Alumni Stadium. Is it lack of preparation? Just running into good teams on the road? Were our teams just "not that good"? Could be a combination of all those, but whatever it is, in order for BC to take the next step and contend again in the ACC, they are going to have to pull off some wins against some good teams this year on the road. BC has six, yes SIX road games this season. Let's look at their opponents, and see who BC has the best chance against, what's a toss up, and who we can chock up to a loss.

Central Florida Knights (September 10) - BC's first away game of the season, the Eagles have a limited history against UCF only playing against them in 2008 where BC smoked them 34-7. This is a different/much better UCF team than we played in 2008. Could they beat BC? Definitely, especially if Spaz gets overwhelmed on the road. Still, I don't buy the hype, and think this will be a close "Spaz-esque Road Game", where BC squeaks by with a 3-4 point win. Chances of BC win: 85%

Clemson Tigers (October 8) - Death Valley hasn't been all that bad for the Eagles since joining the ACC, as BC holds a 2-1 record against the Tigers on the road. It may be more important to note that BC got blown out in their only trip to Clemson during the Spaz Error. The Clemson game is the start of a long road trip for the Eagles, will they be ready? If Rettig makes early mistakes this game could get ugly. Chances of BC win: 30%

Virginia Tech Hokies (October 22) - Blacksburg has never been an easy place for BC, with a memorable win against them in 2007, and an epic blowout loss to the Hokies in 2009. BC has shown in the past they can beat a team like VT, but has struggled mightily against them lately, and Matt Ryan isn't the QB anymore. But could this be the year BC sneaks out a win? VT will be starting a new QB, and maybe with a little defensive pressure, BC could force him into making some mistakes and take that difficult Hokie crowd out of the game. Chances of BC win: 60%

Maryland Terrapins (October 29) - The Terps are always a wild card game for BC, depending on the team and the year. BC beat Maryland at College Park in 2009, and lost in 2007. Lead by ACC Rookie of the Year Danny O'Brien, and new coach Randy Edsall, Maryland is a huge question mark for the Eagles. Could O'Brien eat up the BC zone defense, how many points will the Eagles be able to put up on offense? Maryland crowds always get up for these games. Big game for both teams at this point of the season. Chances of BC win: 50%

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (November 19) - The game BC students look forward to all season. Vans of Superfans will be heading to South Bend to root on our Eagles. If any Superfans want to take me along, I promise, I'm a great companion....Notre Dame on the other hand, doesn't even view BC as a rival. God that makes it so much easier to hate ND right? Again, another hard road game for BC, I think this game will rely on our offense. Where will Chase Rettig be in November? How will our offense be clicking? If BC is scoring points, I like the Eagles chances against the Fighting Irish. Chances of BC win: 50%

Miami Hurricanes (November 25) - Final game of the season, unless BC makes the ACC championship, which I think is a good possibility. If any road game is an easy win it's going to be this one. Miami's crowds are a joke and Jacory Harris makes way too many mistakes to beat a Spaz defense. Honestly, this is probably BC's biggest slam dunk win of the season. Chances of BC win: 80%

BC has a tough road schedule against them this year, and how well they do against those six teams could dictate how far the Eagles can go. Who do you think will be BC's toughest road opponent this year?