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Something Wicked This Way Comes

(peeps around corner)

Oh hai! Look who got picked up by a relatively mainstream blog! Your favorite foul-mouthed BC blogger BCHysteria is going to be a regular contributor here at BCI. What does that mean? Who knows, but you all probably should warn Brian and Jeff about this, I don't think they know what they got themselves into. If you haven't heard of me yet, I have been a writer for the past three years at a blog called Mass Hysteria Sports. There I would write about anything and everything Boston; the Red Sox, getting drunk at Fanueil Hall, and most importantly Boston College. My readers and co-authors could care less, as I was greeted hundreds of comments to the tone of "WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT BC, THEY SUCK" and "GO SOX!" So I took to Twitter (@BCHysteria), where dozens of followers read my every tweet. At the beginning of this week, Brian asked me if I would join the team here at BCI, which shocked me because what normal blog would want me aboard? Even with my hesitations, I accepted.  But enough about me, let's get to some BC sports talk.

Last Sunday, Reggie Jackson delivered the anticipated but predictable news that he was entering his name into NBA Draft and would not be returning to Boston College. The news hit me pretty hard, as I anticipated yet another rebuilding year at the Heights, but what worried me more were Reggie's Veggies. How would they take the news? They now are a fan base without an identity. But have no fears loyal students, I have some ideas for you:

  • The Action Jacksons or The Jackson 5 - for new shooting guard Lonnie Jackson
  • Clifford the Big Maroon Center- for new C/PF Dennis Clifford
  • HOLY CRAP WE GOT AN ESPN100 RECRUIT! - for Ryan Anderson
  • How ill is Caudill?- for C Kyle Caudill
  • Wir Sind BC!- for German recruit Patrick Heckmann (click here to for an audio demonstration on how to start the chant)
  • Gabe's Babes-  Come on BC girls make me proud! (Photo evidence of this will be gladly accepted, please submit your best pics at, note I expect no response to this). for returning guard Gabe Mouton
  • The Invisible Super Fan Section- for all those games against St. Francis, Bryant and every other team our student body could care less about. 

Those were the best I could come up with, can you think of anything better? Leave them in the comments!