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ACC Realignment: Georgia Tech Fans Approve Of A Eagles-Jackets Swap

As a follow up to yesterday's ACC realignment hypothetical, Winfield from the SB Nation Georgia Tech blog From The Rumble Seat tackled the same issue of whether Boston College and Georgia Tech should swap divisions. Seems like he is in favor of said proposal:

"Clemson stays on our schedule as an intra-division game and Virginia Tech becomes the inter-division rival. This is awesome because they don't fall off the schedule, and maybe, just maybe, we can get Clemson and Virginia Tech to play at Bobby Dodd during different years unlike now. Second awesome point is that Florida State would be a permanent fixture on the schedule. And to that I say BRING IT. My biggest lament about conference expansion was dropping the Seminoles off the schedule. I'd love to see them back on it. Finally, a selfish awesome: Duke would fall off the schedule for a little while. While a win is appreciated, I am really really really really tired of playing them."

So, to recap, Georgia Tech fans think this idea is awesome, because it improves the Jackets yearly football schedule by adding Florida State and balancing the home-road sched a bit more. BC fans generally think it's awesome because we'd get to play Virginia Tech, Miami and Clemson annually. Seems like a win-win.

Of course, because this is a win-win for both programs, this idea will never get off the ground.