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Maine, New Hampshire Hockey In Talks To Play At Fenway Park

According to a report in the Bangor Daily News, the University of Maine and New Hampshire are in talks to play an outdoor college hockey game at Fenway Park. Hockey East Commissioner Joe Bertagna said the league has been in negotiations with the Sox about hosting another set of outdoor hockey games at America's Most Beloved Ballpark.

The league's negotiations with the Sox are still in the very preliminary stages and nothing has been decided, though Bertagna added that we are unlikely to see a repeat of the 2010 BC-BU Frozen Fenway event:

"We had such a good feeling after the first one. We got a good bump out of it. The kids had a great experience."

He said if it does become a reality, "it won't include the same schools. We want to spread the wealth."

While I can appreciate the "spread the wealth" gesture, I'm wondering whether a UNH-Maine hockey game would sell out like the 2010 event between BC and BU. Bertagna added that the BC-BU game did generate a profit (which was divided up among all Hockey East programs), but that it wasn't a large amount. And if the game wasn't a sellout, would the league take a financial hit to stage the event?

If you want to spread the wealth, that's cool, but shouldn't an outdoor game at Fenway Park include one of the three Boston teams? How about Northeastern? Heck, even UMass-Amherst? Would you attend this event if the two men's programs were UNH and Maine? Your thoughts? 

(Do I sound a little bitter? Sure. But forgive me if I don't like the idea of two of BC's Hockey East rivals taking center stage in our own backyard.)