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A Slogan For Boston College Sports? And The Big Finish

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A few days late due to NFL Draft craziness ...

Brian: The Heights recently ran an editorial wanting to steal a page from Southern college football and develop a Boston College athletics catchphrase like Alabama's "Roll Tide" or Texas' "Hook ‘Em Horns."

"BC doesn't have a slogan like this that transcends the team. "Ever to Excel" is a fine academic motto, but it doesn't have the same punch for athletic success. No one would be caught dead chanting that at a game. "Go Eagles" is a popular cheer, but it's a little too generic to be a catchphrase that immediately makes people think of BC football.

That's why we are suggesting that BC adopt "Stay Gold" as the slogan for its athletic teams. This phrase would be unique to BC. It's simple, yet powerful. It represents the loyalty and aspirations of the school, its students, and its fans."

I like the initiative here. I love the ESPN "Roll Tide" campaign and phrases like "Hook ‘Em Horns," "Gig ‘em" and "Geaux Tigers" serve as a reminder of the team and the pride that community members take in their alma mater's sports programs.

However, I can't say I care much for "Stay Gold" as a BC catch phrase; certainly not when the athletics program have had two major gambling scandals in recent school history. The color is also very closely associated with our Catholic rivals out in South Bend. Thoughts here? What do you think of Boston College adopting a slogan? Have any suggestions?

Jeff: Oh boy. How long has Roll Tide been a slogan at Alabama? Forever? Since we've been following BC athletics, there have been several failed attempts to start new traditions, primarily for football. The Eagle Walk continues but that is strictly controlled by the athletic department and might not be considered a success by everyone. Starting a slogan for the Eagles is not something that will take hold easily. If the Athletics Department really wants it to be successful through lots of t-shirts and advertising at games I suppose it's possible a slogan would take hold but it does seem like a tall task.

"Stay Gold" is not the first slogan that I would have come up with. Maybe something like "Soar High" or "Soar Higher" is what I would expect our slogan to be.

There is one new tradition starting this fall that I think is very good and will help the atmosphere at home games. There is now a young alumni section in alumni stadium next to the student section. This will help make the student section endzone much loader and will allow young alums to stand and be load without bothering some of the older fans that tend to complain about such behavior.


Big Finish

Brian: Snoop Dogg recently posed with a few North Carolina basketball players. If you had to pick one, what rapper should be associated with BC basketball?

Jeff: Since it won't happen, why bother guessing?


Jeff: The ACC looked strong in this weekend's NFL Draft, particularly through the first two rounds. Surprised?

Brian: Not really. Getting kids selected in the NFL Draft has never been an issue for the conference.


Brian: The NCAA will not consider new bowl applicants for a period of up to three years. This is a good thing, no?

Jeff: Yes, we are at a sufficient number now.


Jeff: Russell Wilson will be allowed to play football at another university since TOB is refusing to start him this fall. Any chance BC has to worry about him again?

Brian: Most likely not, which is a good thing. RW can't play for another ACC team or a team on the Pack's 2011 schedule.


Brian: Incoming BC freshman Eddie Odio describes himself as "a 6-7 wing player with a high IQ." Sounds perfect for Donahue's system, no?

Jeff: Yes, hopefully he's a good shooter.


Jeff: Castonzo to the Colts. Good for him to get on a great team, right?

Brian: Absolutely. A great team and he gets to play relatively close to home. 


Brian: Last one. The NFL invited Mark Herzlich to the NFL Draft, yet #94 went undrafted. This makes the league look pretty bad, no?

Jeff: There is a 0% chance the NFL invites anyone not expected to be drafted in the first round in the next three years.