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Filed under: Is Fancy, Huh?

Most of you saw this yesterday, but got its HTML done, multimedia done, everything did.

Oh, you fancy huh?

"The newly enhanced site provides a more user friendly experience, simplifies navigation and adds several new and updated features.

On, fans can easily find up-to-date information on each of our 31 varsity sports - including live stats, video and free audio streaming, game recaps, and "around the web" stories from local newspapers, such as the Boston Globe. The new site also features live online auctions, an improved video player, and a live schedule of events on the homepage, and constant updates and giveaways via social media (Facebook and Twitter). Finally, fans will find a newly-designed ticket homepage that will serve as a "one stop shop" for all your ticketing needs."

Argh. Just when I had the old site figured out ...

The site features a simple navigation and incorporates much more multimedia (audio and video) and social media (Facebook, Twitter). The site uses maroon as even more of an accent color now, using a whole lot of black. This makes the site look cleaner. However, as with the recent trend of producing more and more BC paraphernalia in black, you seem to lose some of that maroon and gold, school spirit stuff.

So long as I can figure out how to get to the football, basketball and hockey media guides, we good.

With the facelift, the Athletics Department also released an iPhone app so you can follow games through live box scores, Twitter, audio and video streaming. Sorry, 'Droid users.