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2011 Boston College Spring Football: Clemson, Florida State Spring Games On

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Brian: On Saturday, will air Clemson's spring game, starting at 4 PM Eastern. The following Saturday, when BC will be playing in its spring game on the Heights, ESPN will air Florida State's spring game on Gobbler Country asked an ESPN spokesperson what goes into deciding which programs get coverage from the WWL and here's the answer he received:

"Decisions on our spring game selections are based on several factors including game schedules, available air time, production resources and that particular team's storylines for the upcoming season."

Now I'm certainly not naive enough to think that ESPN would entertain the thought of airing BC's spring game on its streaming video player over Florida State's spring game. But this got me thinking. Does the fact that two of BC's Atlantic Division rivals' spring games are being covered by ESPN give Clemson and FSU an edge when it comes to recruiting and general exposure for the program (even if it's only Your thoughts?

Jeff: Every little bit of exposure helps, but a spring game on ESPN3 is not something that would make any sort of top ten or top 20 list that I would expect affect a recruit's decision on whether to attend Boston College, Clemson, Florida State or any other college to play football.

Brian: Conversely, could the fact that Clemson and FSU's game will be broadcast nationally while BC's spring game will not be used to the Eagles' advantage? Having your spring game televised is good for exposure and recruiting, but could it also be used by 2011 opponents wanting to get a scouting report of what Clemson and FSU will look like in the fall?

Jeff: At our spring game, which will not be televised on ESPN3, there will still be video cameras and scouts. I do not know all of the rules in the ACC or college football but I am pretty certain that footage is shared among teams either as a written rule or unwritten rule in faith. This saves each team from having to send scouts to all the other spring games in the conference for that exact reason. A lot of money is saved by shipping a few DVDs rather than sending scouts all over the east coast traveling to ACC spring games. Like I said, I'm not sure if it's a written rule or cooperative agreement, but there is no disadvantage to Clemson and FSU for having their games on ESPN3.