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NCAA Tournament Final Four: Boston College Fans Rooting For Butler

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It's Butler vs. UConn for the 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship. So by default, BC fans are rooting for Butler, right?

I mean, consider your options:

You can root for the scrappy mid-major who has a head coach who doubles as an accountant ...
A team that is playing in its second straight National Championship Game in what has become an unbelievable two-year run for the Horizon League champs ...
A team from the state of Indiana, home of arguably the greatest underdog basketball movie of all time ...

Or you can root for a team that is coached by Jim Calhoun.

And before you go rooting for UConn due to the school's geographic proximity to Boston, let me remind you of a few things:

1. UConn is coached by Jim Calhoun.

2. After BC left the Big East for the ACC, Calhoun had some special things to say about the school and our sports programs.

3. UConn and the state's Attorney General led the lawsuit against BC, Miami and the ACC.

4. UConn is coached by Jim Calhoun.

Besides, wouldn't it be better if the mid-major wins the NCAA Title so we can all point and laugh at college football for having both the best regular season and worst postseason in all of college sports?