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Defensive Line Concerns? And The Big Finish

Brian: The ACC Sports Journal recently ran an article questioning whether BC has some defensive line issues this coming season. The same sorts of things were said going into last season, but the line, anchored by Damik Scafe and Kaleb Ramsey, played decently all things considered.

"I thought our defensive tackles played well, particularly Damik Scafe and Kaleb Ramsey," defensive coordinator Bill McGovern said. "They were active and disruptive and really played well. It was great when (end) Alex Albright was healthy, and he gave us someone off of the edge. (End) Brad Newman was always there and never missed a day. He would bang all day long."

This season, BC graduates Albright, Newman and Scafe, while Ramsey was out this spring recovering from back surgery.

Guys like Dillon Quinn, Conor O'Neal, Edebali and Holloway will have to step in right away to plug some big holes on the D-Line. Is this year's BC defensive line your #1 concern as a unit heading into the summer? Your thoughts?

Jeff: Maybe the D-line won't be much worse than it has been. Albright has spent too much time injured to consider his graduation a big blow. Let's then assume that Ramsey gets back to 100%. Newman is very replacable and we will suffer a downgrade without having Scafe on the field. Now let's assume Quinn, O'Neal and Holloway, who have had significant playing time, significantly improve. I think that would leave us with as good or maybe a slightly better D-line than we had last season. Unfortunately, we didn't have a great line last year but they were good enough to enable BC to have a great defense overall.

The defensive line will be a great cause for concern going into the season, but that has been the case every season since Raji and Brace graduation and went to the NFL. I don't think I am being overly optimistic at all in saying that I think we'll be roughly as good as we were last season assuming Ramsey gets healthy.


Big Finish

Brian: The Coloradoan quotes BCI as a source of a "Dallas Elmore to Colorado State" transfer rumor. Any guesses on where Elmore ends up?

Jeff: No clue and this move bothers me a little. I am not in his shoes, but wouldn't you rather start a few games in the ACC than play for some of those other schools?


Jeff: There was a lot of Charlie Davies coverage on SportsCenter on Wednesday night. Did you catch the DC United game last night or will you be watching in the future?

Brian: I didn't get to watch last night but definitely hope to catch a few United games this season.


Brian: With college football statues popping up left and right, Gobbler Country wants to know when Virginia Tech will erect a statue of Frank Beamer. Think BC football will put up another statue any time soon? And if so, who ya got?

Jeff: There is no one else worthy of a statue at BC. If Spaz coaches until he is as old as Joe Pa in now, then maybe. Or if we win BCS National Championship.


Jeff: Montel Harris' injury story is a saga? Seriously? Tell me more Spaz. Should we fear the worst?

Brian: I don't think so. This just sounds like the media caught Spaz on a bad day.


Brian: The 6-11 BC baseball team travels to Atlanta this weekend to take on the 14-4 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Chances BC steals a game from GT? 

Jeff: Ugh. Slim.


Jeff: Don't give up all hope yet since Tranquil will not be calling the plays, but how disappointed are you that the plays will essentially be the same?

Brian: Umm, very? When your offense ranks in triple digits last season, don't you have to do a bit more to mix things up?


Brian: Last one. The Jets bloggers are looking at Castonzo as a potential trade up target. What are the chances a team trades up to draft him in the first round? 

Jeff: A solid 50% chance that Castonzo is somehow involved in a trade.