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2011 College Football Spring Game Attendance: By The Numbers

CNBC's Darren Roven compiled a partial list of available college football spring game attendance numbers.

Florida State ranked third on the list with 53,818 fans showing up on Saturday to watch the Garnet team edge the Gold team 19-17. What's funny is that attendance figure is only 7,829 less than the announced crowd that watched FSU shut out Wake Forest 31-0 last season.

Here are some other noteworthy schools that put out an official attendance figure. Notre Dame announced a listed attendance of 27,863 for its Blue vs. Gold Spring Game this past weekend. Clemson had 27,000 attend its spring game last weekend. North Carolina brought in 15,500 fans, while N.C. State had 13,139.

Nebraska capitalized on the popularity of spring football by charging $10 a pop for admission to this year's spring game. The Huskers brought in an announced crowd of 66,784, which certainly helps to line the athletic department's coffers as NU moves to the B1G Ten next season.

Now spring football just doesn't seem to be BC's thing. I suppose you could chalk it up to the poor, early spring New England weather, general fan apathy or the ridiculously complex scoring system that somehow manages to allow the offense to beat the defense every year (you know, to serve as a confidence-builder).

But since BC doesn't release the spring game attendance figures, I'm interested in hearing from those of you who attended Saturday's spring game. How many fans you think showed up to Alumni Stadium? And for those of you (me included) who didn't attend, I'm wondering what, if anything, can be done to make you want to attend next year.

Call this market research ... thoughts?