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2011 Boston College Spring Football: Opponent Scouting Reports

via <a href="">Tomahawk Nation</a>
via Tomahawk Nation

BC's Jay McGillis Memorial Spring Game was just one of a number of spring games to happen on Saturday. Florida State, Miami, N.C. State, Northwestern, Notre Dame, UCF and Wake Forest also concluded spring game this past weekend with their annual spring football games. Clemson wrapped up camp a little over a week ago.

As far as takeaways, it's hard to gather much from Northwestern's spring game as Persa is out. UCF QB Jeff Godrey thinks UCF can be a BCS buster in 2011? Clemson's D left something to be desired, while FSU fans chalk up a sub-par offensive performance up to a laundry list of spring injuries. N.C. State's Mike Glennon struggled in relief of Russell Wilson, while Miami's D is capable of crushing opposing playmakers, though the real concern is depth.

But don't take it from me. Let these BC's 2011 opponent team bloggers tell you how their team is faring this spring.


What to Look for in Northwestern's Spring Game (Sippin' On Purple)
"Spring football! It's cold! It's pointless because they don't keep score! It causes me to write ridiculous things based on one meaningless performance like saying Evan Watkins is the better quarterback than Dan Persa or that Jeravin Matthews and Alex Daniel were the answer to NU's post-Tyrell Sutton running back vacuum."

Jeff Godfrey leads UCF offensive starters to 27-6 win in UCF Spring Game (Iliana Limón, Orlando Sentinel)
"UCF quarterback Jeff Godfrey says the Knights are capable of being BCS busters in 2011. Godfrey led the Knights' starters and reserve defense to a 27-6 win over the starting defense and reserve offense during the spring game at Bright House Networks Stadium Saturday."

Postgame Impressions of 2011 Orange & White Game (Shakin The Southland)
"I wasn't thrilled with the overall defensive performance, particularly in tackling. This is a game to watch individual players and look for an overall feel rather than statistics, but my overall feeling is that our front was pitiful against the run. I counted far too many plays where guys on the 2-deep, and who will be on the 2-deep in September, made weak arm tackles and got run over. Some guys were not getting off blocks and the interior line allowed themselves to be moved too easily."

2011 Virginia Tech Spring Football: WR Marcus Davis Continues His Big Spring (Gobbler Country)
"After making a name for himself in the second half of 2010, Davis has continued that momentum into spring and appears to have a good rapport with new starting quarterback Logan Thomas. Davis played well after second-string flanker Dyrell Roberts developed compartment syndrome in his left thigh after the Georgia Tech game."

Florida State Spring Game: What Did We Learn? (Tomahawk Nation)
"The offense didn't do anything to make me think it will be anything other than very good again. That is, if it gets its guys back healthy. If not, stylistic changes will have to be made. The defense absolutely knew what was coming and the defensive players said so after the game, as did EJ."

Red Wins Spring Game, 13-3 (Backing The Pack)
"Six of Glennon's 40 attempts were either knocked down or tipped, and it was a couple of those tipped passes that were picked off. Glennon completed just over half his passes and averaged an unfortunate 4.6 yards per attempt. I was not there on Saturday, so those of you who were will have to set the current panic level. On a scale of 1 (Rivers) to 5 (Beck), where would you estimate we are right now?"

Notes From The Spring Game (Eye of the Hurricane)
"I think our defense has the capabilities of devastating other teams' playmakers in way that channels the Jerome Brown/Troy Aikman play, but the real concern on D is depth. We need to keep these guys healthy (we miss you Marcus Forston!) so they can hang in there for an entire season, especially on November 12 when we go up to Choke to punish those trailer-dwelling cousin-marrying criminoles."