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Should BC Stop Playing Harvard? And The Big Finish

Brian: With all the media attention on Harvard coach Tommy Amaker after he said "thanks but no thanks" to Miami, we learned that BC won't face Harvard next season on the hardwood. Personally, I don't have a problem with this. Does it seem cowardly? Will the rest of college basketball point and laugh at BC a bit? Sure.

But it's not like the Eagles will find a shortage of mid-major, Northeast basketball programs to play in non-conference action.

I know Harvard has beat BC three years in a row but I don't think that makes the program obligated to make this an annual series. Plenty of Ivy League schools have come and gone on BC's schedule without making the series an every year thing. The chances that BC-Harvard becomes a legit basketball rivalry are slim. BC would be better served focusing on Providence, Holy Cross, UMass, URI and more traditional hoops rivals.

What do you think? Do you think that ducking Harvard is a bad idea?

Jeff: I don't see how BC is better served playing Holy Cross than Harvard. If your looking for historical significance I guess Holy Cross would fit but that's it. In recent years BC and Holy Cross have only played a few times. Playing UMass, URI and Providence makes a lot more sense because Providence is in the Big East and UMass and URI are in the A-10. Skipping out on an Ivy League game to play a Patriot League team would make little sense to me.

I have no problem with BC continuing to play Harvard or not. Perhaps Harvard would beat BC again next season or BC would win the next ten seasons in a row. Harvard is not a team that BC has played regularly in the last decade so its hardly ducking out. If this were football, BC would've already stepped out of any future games and no one would've questioned it. Since it is basketball and you can afford a few losses before conference play begins, there would not be too much harm in continuing to play or not. No BC fan is going to look at next year's schedule and be disappointed that we're not playing Harvard.


Big Finish

Brian: BC's spring game is tomorrow. Who has the best final stat line at QB -- Rettig, Marscovetra or Shinskie?

Jeff: Gotta go with Rettig.


Jeff: Speaking of the spring game, will the running game get going tomorrow?

Brian: Nope. I thought most of the stars in the backfield have been shelved for the rest of the spring?


Brian: Larmond Jr. expects to be 100 percent by early June at the latest. Over/under 600 yards receiving for Larmond this season? 

Jeff: He'll probably be the number 1 option so over.


Jeff: Luke Kuechly is currently last in the SN poll for ACC preseason DPOY. Clearly a popularity contest of the school you come from, right?

Brian: Clearly. Kuechly is the best defensive player in the conference.


Brian: BC baseball hosts Clemson this weekend in Chestnut Hill. On a scale of 1 to 10, your household interest in this series is ...?

Jeff: 1. BC is terrible in baseball this year.


Jeff: Greenberg and Golic -- alums of Northwestern and Notre Dame, respectively -- announced that Notre Dame and Northwestern agreed to a two game series yesterday on Mike and Mike. Any Change Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a guest on Live with Regis and Kelly the next time BC and Notre Dame announce an extension in their series?

Brian: No chance. Will she still even be popular by 2019 or whenever the current series ends?


Brian: Last one. ACC teams will play the most I-AA teams for the second consecutive season. Will an ACC team fall victim to an I-AA again this season?

Jeff: A smart man would say yes but I say no, they won't embarass themselves this season.