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Should Boston College Football Switch Up Its Look?

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On Tuesday, Arizona State and Nike went and discarded half a century of uniform history and got themselves a bold new, "Nike-fied" look. The Sun Devils are stealing a page from fellow Pac-12 member Oregon's playbook -- who has seen its number of wardrobe combinations grow exponentially over the past few years. Thanks, of course, in no small part to Papa Knight and Nike. And while Arizona State needs a few more helmet, jersey and pants combinations to catch up to the Ducks, the uniform changes are a stark contrast to its old look. The Sun Devils seem well on their way ...

Not to be outdone, Oklahoma State fans are abuzz with what the Cowboys are about to do. No one knows what exactly new Cowboy uniforms will look like, but Nike also has plans to release a number of different uniforms this season. There will likely be tens, if not hundreds, of combinations of orange, black, white and smoke gray (which will be added to the Cowboys' offerings) on OSU's 2011 football uniforms.

One official says that Oklahoma State plans on becoming "the Oregon of the Midwest."

Now while Arizona State is outfitted by Nike, not Under Armour, it's not hard to imagine a similar football makeover for the Eagles. The two schools even share roughly the same school colors. You could pretty easily put a Philadelphia Eagles-esque wing or a BC logo on those helmets in place of the fork trident and have an idea of what new BC uniforms could look like. I mean, BC's solid gold helmets seem rather ... boring in comparison, no?

With the Under Armour outfitter regime change came a slight twist to the Eagles' look for the last few years of the Reebok campaign. And once they fixed the nameplates on the back of the jerseys after the first game, it really wasn't a massive overhaul of the uniforms from the Rbk days. And I suppose our current uniforms beat the angry chicken days of the early 2000s. I've even heard some fans wanting to go back to the more traditional look, back in the days of Flutie-to-Phelan.

But in order to keep up with the Joneses, I'm not sure recruits would want to play in 1980s BC throwbacks. Recruits eat the "Nike-fication" of college football up, and if Florida State fans are to be believed, Boston College football will need all the help it can get in staving off the Seminoles from winning the Atlantic Division every year for the next 10.

So what do you think? Should BC leave the football uniforms as is, channel their inner Flutie and go back to uniforms from the 1980s, or let Under Armour make BC the "Oregon of the Northeast"?

HT for post idea: The Daily Gopher