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Boston College Football Completes Second Spring Scrimmage

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Brian: On Saturday, BC completed its second intrasquad scrimmage of the spring. For the second straight week, the air attack was on display. Marscovetra led all QBs in the box score, completing 6-of-11 passes for 128 yards and a touchdown. Shinskie completed 6-of-9 for 42 yards and a TD, while Bordner was 15-of-21 for 110 yards. Rettig completed 10-of-20 for 106 yards.

After lighting up the BC defense in the first scrimmage, Rettig appears to have come back down to earth a bit in scrimmage #2:

"Towards the middle stages of the scrimmage is when Rettig started to struggle, and it all started when he got his chance to run the two minute offense. Rettig and the offense too the ball from their own 35, and had 2:00 and a timeout to try and tie or overcome a 3 point deficit. After a stuffed running play and two incompletions to start the 2 minute drill, Rettig was able to find Tahj Kimble for a 10 yard completion on 4th-and-10. On the next play though, Momah slipped while running his route which allowed Fletcher to pick off Rettig's pass and this ended the drive.

Things didn't get a whole lot better for Rettig from there. The next time he came out on the field later he threw an INT on his very first pass attempt. This time, the interception was definitely Rettig's fault, as he threw a 40 yard bomb off of his back foot which was picked off by Fletcher again."

BC struggling to run the 2 minute drill ... what a shocker! Are you worried at all about Rettig's struggles in scrimmage 2? General thoughts from BC's second scrimmage after reading the above two recaps.

Jeff: Like you said, it's no big surprise that Rettig and the offense struggled in the two minute drill so I am not discouraged by it. We're not playing all starters on either side of the ball and it's only spring practice. They were terrible when we needed scores last year and this year might end up being more of the same but if we do make any strides, I didn't expect it to show already.

In general, I'm glad that Harris played even though it doesn't sound like he did much. I also think its noteworthy that Marsco seemingly played with the second team and a lot of unknown players caught passes.

Brian: On Saturday, BC will end spring workouts with the annual Jay McGillis Memorial Spring Game. I know guys are hurt and sitting out in the spring, but having watched a bit of the LSU Spring game on Saturday, I kinda wished BC would play a full game rather than playing in a scrimmage with odd scoring rules. Do you like the current format of the spring game? Or would you rather see more of an actual game played in the spring?

Jeff: I think I'm good with playing the spring game however coach sees fit. I believe Jagodzinski changed some things up in the spring game compared to how TOB had things and maybe our next coach with change things again. But in the near future, I live too far away to attend the spring game, and if I were attending, I probably still wouldn't care because some things will never change like the QBs and kickers being protected. I'd just be looking for who's on the field the most and making the most plays out of the younger guys.