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Wednesday Bubble Watch For Boston College's NCAA Tournament Hopes

Thank you, Bulls. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Thank you, Bulls. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Getty Images

On Saturday, we were left with mixed results for teams on the bubble. Clemson, Richmond, Illinois, Alabama, Michigan were all winners early in the day, which didn't help BC out one bit. However, later in the day, Oklahoma, Seton Hall and San Diego State were winners, knocking Oklahoma State, Marquette and Colorado State, respectively, further down the bubble pecking order.

Let's try this again, shall we?

Here's a run down of Wednesday's college basketball action and who you should be rooting for in each game.


Georgetown vs. Connecticut (Big East Tournament Second Round, Noon, ESPN): Both these teams are solidly in the Field of 68, but it's always fun to root against UConn. The Huskies actually notched their first win in Big East Tournament play since BC left the conference in 2005. It's not like they needed a game against DePaul to achieve that, or anything ... Rooting interest: Jesuits. 

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma State (Big 12 Tournament First Round, 12:30 PM, Flip a coin. Rooting interest: Meh.

Iowa State vs. Colorado (Big 12 Tournament First Round, 3:00 PM, Colorado is currently on the wrong side of the bubble. A first round loss in the Big 12 Tournament would likely put an end to the Buffs' NCAA Tournament hopes. The Cyclones need to string together a few wins in the Big 12 Tournament for any hope of playing in the postseason. Rooting interest: Iowa State.

Oklahoma vs. Baylor (Big 12 Tournament First Round, 7:00 PM, The 18-12 Bears could creep their way back onto the bubble with a run in the Big 12 Tournament. Oklahoma lost eight straight in conference before winning in the regular season finale against Oklahoma State. I suppose there is a chance that #10 OU could knock off #7 Baylor, seeing as the Sooners bested the Bears 73-66 in their second regular season meeting. Rooting interest: Oklahoma.

Cincinnati vs. USF (Big East Tournament Second Round, 7:00 PM, ESPN): Serious question: how in the hell did the Bearcats jump from a bubble team to a number 6 seed in a little over a week? The Big East Tournament has 12 teams remaining, and it feels like all 12 are going to the Dance. Cincinnati has some solid wins in conference but played absolutely no one in non-conference play (non-conference SOS 337, according to kenpom, and hence the 15-0 start). A loss here will bump the Bearcats down a bit, but I don't think they could miss out from the NCAAs entirely at this point. Still, root for the 'dog in this one and let Notre Dame take out the Bulls in the ... Quarterfinals? Man, this Big East Tournament is EXHAUSTING! Rooting interest: USF.

Marquette vs. West Virginia (Big East Tournament Second Round, 9:00 PM, ESPN): No rooting for Jesuits in this one. Marquette is in the Richmond / Clemson / Virginia Tech / BC / Michigan State group of teams that still have some work to do. Last night's win over Providence certainly helps, but an embarrassing loss to West Virginia could place the Golden Eagles back on the bubble. The bad news? Marquette won its only meeting with West Virginia earlier this year, 79-74. The good news? That game was at home, and was played over two months ago. Rooting interest: West Virginia.

Texas Tech vs. Missouri (Big 12 Tournament First Round, 9:30 PM, The Tigers currently project as a 9 seed. Texas Tech is playing without head coach Pat Knight, who was fired after three seasons, and their season ends this week without a Big 12 Championship. Let's hope Texas Tech plays with nothing to lose and pulls off the upset. Rooting interest: Texas Tech. 


To recap, root for the underdogs in the Big 12 Tournaments, but only for a day. We can't have any of these programs actually winning the title and stealing a bid. Then hope the higher seeds hold serve in the Big East Tournament, with the exception of USF. 

I didn't see any mid-major conference tournament games that looked like bracket busters, but if I missed one, leave 'em in the comments section.