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2011 ACC Tournament: Recent History Not Too Kind To Number 5 Seeds

Since Boston College joined the ACC as the league's twelfth member -- making the annual ACC men's basketball tournament an even dozen -- number 5 seeds haven't fared too well in the first round #5 vs. #12 matchup. In fact, over the last five years, the #5 seed has gone just 1-4 in first round games:

2006: #12 Wake Forest 78, #5 Florida State 66
2007: #12 Miami 67, #5 Maryland 62
2008: #5 Miami 63, #12 N.C. State 50
2009: #12 Georgia Tech 86, #5 Clemson 81
2010: #12 Miami 83, #5 Wake Forest 62

BC's first round opponent, Wake Forest, has actually been on both ends of this rather odd ACC Tournament trend -- upsetting 5th seeded Florida State 78-66 in Greensboro in 2006, and getting throttled by #12 Miami 83-62 just last year.

No. 12 seeds have actually been among the most successful teams in the first round of the ACC Tournament since 2006. No. 12 seeds, along with No. 7 seeds have gone 4-1 since the Tournament expanded to 12 teams. Meanwhile, the sixth and eighth seeded teams have losing records in the first round (2-3). Lower seeds in the ACC Tournament's first round have a slight 11-9 edge, as the last few ACC Tournaments have proven to be wildly unpredictable.

The Eagles will be looking to avoid becoming the fifth #5 seed in six seasons to get upset in the ACC Tournament's first round.


Another strange ACC Tournament scheduling quirk -- while BC has already played 10 games in the ACC Tournament (5-5), the Eagles have yet to face five of the 11 other ACC programs, including Wake Forest. BC has faced Duke, North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia twice; Clemson and Miami once.

BC has yet to face Florida State, Georgia Tech, N.C. State, Virginia Tech or Wake Forest in the ACC Tournament. With the (obvious) exception of Wake Forest, BC wouldn't face any of those four other programs until the ACC Championship Game.