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Update On Chris Kreider's Injury

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During Saturday night's first intermission, York was interviewed and asked about the condition of BC's Chris Kreider. Kreider broke his jaw in two places on a clearing attempt by Brian Gibbons, where the puck found its way up and under Kreider's visor.

York reported that Kreider saw a specialist on Sunday and will have surgery early this week. It's expected he will be out 4-6 weeks. The NCAA Regionals are three weeks away (March 25-27), and the Frozen Four five weeks away (April 7 and 9), so we can all cling to hopes that Kreider can return in time for the Frozen Four, should BC advance past the Regionals.

Recent history would suggest that Kreider could see the ice a bit sooner. BC's Patch Alber broke his jaw earlier this year, and the original timetable for Alber's return was 6-8 weeks. Alber returned after only 3 weeks off the ice. So you're saying there's a chance ... ?

For now, it's probably a lot of Boost for breakfast and Ensure for dizzert for Kreider. Get well soon, Chris, and we'll see you in St. Paul.