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Updated ACC Men's Basketball Tournament Pairings

With BC's 84-68 win over Wake Forest, eight spots are now claimed for this week's ACC men's basketball tournament down in Greensboro. The Eagles earn the Tournament's #5 seed, and a rematch with #12 Wake Forest Thursday at 2 PM. BC's win gives the 9-7 Hokies the no. 6 seed and a first round matchup with Georgia Tech (9 PM, ACC Network).

There are just four Tournament seeds still undecided. Maryland will finish as the 7 seed with a Miami loss, and the 8 seed with a Miami win. Similarly, Virginia will finish as either the 8 or 9 seed, depending on the Miami-Georgia Tech game. With a win, Miami can finish as high as 7, but as low as 9 or 10. The Canes fate is tied to the N.C. State-Florida State game tonight. With a loss and an N.C. State win, Miami would tumble to the #10 seed. Finally, N.C. State can climb to the 9 seed with a win and a Miami loss, otherwise the 'Pack would be locked into the 10 seed.

Here is how the Tournament looks with just two ACC regular season games remaining (updated 8:30 PM):


1st Round -- Thursday, March 10

- Game 1 (Noon, ACC Network): #8 Virginia  vs. #9 Miami

- Game 2 (2:00 PM, ACC Network): #5 Boston College vs. #12 Wake Forest

- Game 3 (7:00 PM, ESPN2): #7 Maryland vs. #10 N.C. State

- Game 4 (9:00 PM, ACC Network): #6 Virginia Tech vs. #11 Georgia Tech

Quarterfinals -- Friday, March 11

- Game 5 (Noon, ACC Network/ESPN2): #1 North Carolina vs. #8/#9 Winner

- Game 6 (2:00 PM, ACC Network/ESPN2): #4 Clemson vs. #5/#12 Winner

- Game 7 (7:00 PM, ACC Network/ESPN2): #2 Duke vs. #7/#10 Winner

- Game 8 (9:00 PM, ACC Network/ESPN2): #3 Florida State vs. #6/#11 Winner


BC's path to the ACC Championship now looks like this:

#12 Wake Forest (won regular season meeting 84-68)
#4 Clemson (lost at Clemson 77-69)
#1 North Carolina (lost both meetings, 106-74 and 48-46)
#2 Duke (lost at Duke 84-68)