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Question Answered: Who Is The Man In Yellow?

Yellow Man 2
Yellow Man 2

Early last year, I asked a very serious question on the blog -- Who is the man in yellow?

Every class has their number 1 Superfan, but every once in a while a fan comes along shrouded in mystery. Without having met the kid, we collectively decided that yellow man lives in the shot clock along with his invisible brother, maroon man. He's been sent to Chestnut Hill for good and has a negative effect on opponents' free throw percentages ...

The Around The Res guys scored an interview with this Top Superfan and busted these myths and more. In the interview, the man in the yellow suit reveals where the idea for the suit came from, what fan reaction has been like, his relationship with Spaz and the players and debunks the notion that he has a rivalry with Reggie's Veggies:

"I have absolutely no rivalry with Reggie's Veggies. I love Reggie's Veggies, they're some great guys and I always like to go talk to them about the game during timeouts. There's no competition between us, the important thing is that we're all out there supporting the team."

Teamed with Reggie's Veggies, yellow man is a force for good and a model for Superfans around the globe. Read the full interview here.