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Without Reggie Jackson, Will Boston College Be "2010-11 Wake Forest Bad"?

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Another year, another set of low preseason expectations for the Boston College basketball team in the ACC?

Last season, BC was picked to finish 10th in the preseason media poll. The Eagles finished 5th.

2009? Projected to finish 9th, finished 8th.
2008? Projected to finish 11th, finished 6th.
2007? Projected to finish 8th, finished 11th.
2006? Projected to finish 3rd, finished 4th.
2005? Projected to finish 2nd, finished 3rd.

Will the media make the same mistake this season? Here's Caulton Tudor's take on the Eagles' chances in 2011-12 from yesterday's Charlotte Observer:

"No one really thinks guard Reggie Jackson will come back. But even if he does, Eagles coach Steve Donahue is at least another recruiting class away from having enough talent to make much noise."

Tudor projected BC to finish 11 in the conference next season, ahead of only Wake Forest. That's with the services of Reggie Jackson. Without ...?

"Without Reggie Jackson, the Eagles would be completely lost for an offensive option."

After factoring in the early departures of Reggie Jackson, Kyrie Irving, Chris Singleton, Iman Shumpert, Jordan Williams, CJ Leslie and Tyler Zeller, John Henson and Harrison Barnes, Tudor projects the Eagles to finish dead last in the conference. Even worse than Wake Forest, who he projects to win no more than three games. Well, no more than four, after factoring in the early departures.

2010-11 Wake Forest bad? Even without Reggie Jackson? 

Wake finished this year 1-15 in conference, the worst record in the ACC since Maryland went 1-13 in the league in 1989. I find it hard to believe that BC will be this bad. Sure, the loss of Reggie Jackson will be tough to overcome, but I think Donahue proved that his system can work in the ACC. Especially when Donahue was working with a roster of players that didn't necessarily fit his system.

Next season, Donahue brings in a highly touted freshman class with Jordan Daniels, Lonnie Jackson, Eddie Odio, Ryan Anderson, Dennis Clifford and Kyle Caudill. These guys, combined with Moton, Humphrey and Elmore, certainly aren't going to be stars right away. But at the same time, I find it hard to believe BC will be "completely lost" for options on offense. With an entire offseason, I'm sure Donahue could even make me an offensive weapon. I mean, who knew going into this season that Biko Paris was a sharpshooter from three? He seems to have a knack for getting production from even the most unlikely of players (e.g. Danny Rubin and John Cahill).

Again, I find it hard to believe that without Reggie Jackson, we'll be 2010-11 Wake Forest bad. BC will notch a few wins on the strength of its offense alone, right? Right? ...