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N.C. State Sends Ultimatum To Tiny Loyola University Over "Wolfpack" Moniker

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Let's all take a moment to laugh at N.C. State, who is trying to throw its weight around and bully a tiny Jesuit school into ceasing to use the "Wolfpack" moniker

"N.C. State University officials have sent an ultimatum to tiny Loyola University in New Orleans: Get over calling yourself the Wolfpack.

The Jesuit school in Louisiana has called itself the Wolfpack for more than a half-century, but N.C. State says it owns the exclusive legal right to use the Wolfpack name and logo."

Why do I get the feeling Tom O'Brien is behind this? This is my favorite quote from the article.

"People could think something is being sponsored by N.C. State," [N.C. State Assistant General Counsel] Troxler said Sunday. "We're in the beginning stages of discussion of how they could use the term 'Wolfpack.'"

I'm sure the casual sports fan gets really confused when they turn on a Southern States Athletic Conference basketball game and see the Loyola (New Orleans) Wolfpack playing. Because it's really easy to confuse an ACC basketball program with one from the Southern States Athletic Conference. What TV network has broadcast rights to SSAC league games again?

In other news, Boston College has sent cease and desist orders to the following universities, citing trademark infringement of the "Eagles" nickname: AIB College of Business, Alice Lloyd College, American University, Asbury University of Wilmore, Kentucky, Ashland University, Carson-Newman College, Coppin State, Eastern Michigan University, Eastern Washington University, Emory University, Juniata College, Georgia Southern University, Morehead State, North Carolina Central, Northwestern College of Minnesota, Oklahoma Christian University, University of Mary Washington, Winthrop University and Bridgewater College. Especially Bridgewater College, those pesky Crimson and Vegas gold BC Eagles!

A Boston College spokesman could not be reached for comment.