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Boston College Pro Day: Nine Eagles Work Out For NFL Coaches & Scouts

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BC held its annual Pro Day on Wednesday, where representatives from 17 NFL teams congregated in the Alumni Stadium bubble to watch BC seniors and players from other schools perform individual drills. Players from 17 different schools participated in the day's activities, with BC leading the way. Nine BC seniors took part in this year's Pro Day -- Alex Albright, Anthony Castonzo, Thomas Claiborne, DeLeon Gause, Mark Herzlich, Rich Lapham, James McCluskey, Jordon McMichael and Damik Scafe.

The focus, however, was clearly on Castonzo and Herzlich.

Sporting News declared a win for Castonzo and a draw for Herzlich. Castonzo, a potential first round pick, showed his quick feet, agility and athleticism, as well as showcasing his blocking skills. He reported that Pro Day was "just about what I expected."

Herzlich ran an unofficial 4.9 40-yard dash, and says that he feels great health wise. He projects to be a third or fourth round pick.

While the Sporting News declared a win for Castonzo, it's a bit odd that only two offensive line coaches were in attendance -- the New York Giants' Pat Flaherty and the Patriots' Dante Scarnecchia. The Patriots naturally sent the most coaches to BC's Pro Day. Here's a complete list of the NFL coaches and scouts in attendance.

Finally, very interesting quote from Spaz in Ivan Maisel's 3-point stance this morning.

"Eagles head coach Frank Spaziani didn’t refer to any of his players in particular. He just sounded like a coach who’s been in the business for four decades. On the topic of the work ethic of seniors preparing for the NFL draft, Spaziani shook his head and said, "The day their eligibility ends, they practice like it’s important to them." His point: the ones who make it at the next level practice that way before their eligibility ends."

The 2011 NFL Draft will be held a little over a month from now on April 28-30.