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2011 NCAA Tournament: Maryland's Gary Williams Was Right After All

Though the ACC managed to get just four teams into this year's NCAA Tournament, the conference has certainly made the most of its limited tournament opportunities. As a conference, the ACC has a combined 7-1 record through the first two rounds of the Tournament. Compare that to the records of the Big East (9-9), Big 12 (4-4), Big Ten (7-5), Pac 10 (4-3) and the SEC (4-3)

The conference has the most teams left in the Sweet 16 -- 3. The Big East, Big Ten and SEC have two. The Pac 10 just one.

The ACC has won 5 of the last 10 National Championships, and has more Tournament wins of any other conference over the last 20 years. Still, the conference managed just four (3 1/2?) teams in this year's field of 68.

Maryland's Gary Williams wasn't very happy about this development:

"I look at our league and I can't believe that Virginia Tech and Boston College both aren't in the NCAA tournament," Williams said. "They both deserve it, they won their way, and they'd really be good representatives in the tournament. It just seems like the ACC, if you look at four teams in the ACC, there's no way the Big Ten should have seven, but that's the way it is, and we have to do something about it. In other words, we have to figure out as a league what's the best way to get more teams into the tournament, and we'll go from there."

Williams might be a little BC biased having coached on the Heights from 1982-1986, but he's also saying positive things about the Hokies, so that's nice. It's refreshing to see that Williams went to bat for the conference as opposed to bemoaning his own program's tournament snub. And as it turns out, Williams might actually have been right.

The good news is that the NCAA Selection Committee may think twice about inviting all 16 Big East teams (and TCU?) to the Dance next year. Plus an ACC bubble team may very well be the beneficiary of this Big East backlash. Probably won't be BC, but the more teams that the conference gets into the Tourney, the more money each individual school brings home.

Read more of Williams' comments about the Selection Process over at the Washington Post.

 HT: Testudo Times