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How Far Can Boston College Go In The NIT And The Big Finish?

Brian: I don't know about you, Jeff, but I'm getting excited about this year's NIT. I'm not all that invested in my NCAA Tournament bracket, and find myself gravitating towards the NIT bracket instead. I think there's something to be said for winning an NIT Championship and not ending the season on a loss. After all, only 3-4 teams in all of Division I can claim the same every given year, and BC hoops has never achieved this. And while the NIT has lost some of its luster over the years, especially with NCAA Tournament expansion, it's still the second best postseason tournament in college basketball.

Just sixteen teams remain in the NIT and the Eagles can advance to the NIT Quarterfinals with a win Saturday against Northwestern. Break down BC's path to the Garden. How far do you see the Eagles going in this year's NIT?

Jeff: Our bracket is one of two to not have a first round upset. With Oklahoma State traveling to Washington State in the other Second Round game, for now I'd say let's plan on having to play the Cougars in Chestnut Hill for the right to go to the Garden for the Semifinals. That would be a nice matchup that should draw a crowd but Oklahoma State would do the same for us. BC should be favored in both of its next two games so it is not a question of if BC is capable of winning, but rather just whether or not they show up and play to their full potential. We get ESPN coverage for the early tip Saturday and hopefully will be on ESPN again for our quarterfinal game. It's certainly not NCAA Tournament type coverage, but being on ESPN is a good thing for BC and this program.

Brian: The women will face St. Joseph's in the second round of the women's NIT following the men's game. BC was an 85-61 winner over Yale in the opening round yesterday. Here's is the women's NIT bracket. How far do you see the women's team going?

Jeff: The women still have a long way to go in their 64 team women's NIT tournament. Hopefully they can win their home games which starts with St. Joes Saturday. The Championship game is April 2nd so they have a long quick road to win it all. Part of it will simply be an endurance test if they continue to advance.


Big Finish

Brian: A big part of BC football's success in the season opener will depend on the health of Northwestern QB Dan Persa. Will Persa be 100% by September?

Jeff: BC will be successful regardless.


Jeff: Cam Atkinson was named one of the 10 finalists for the Hobey Baker Award yesterday. Chances he takes home the hardware?

Brian: Not great. Everyone is loving North Dakota's Matt Frattin these days. 25 percent.


Brian: Should the NCAA Selection Committee crack down on inviting schools with poor academic records?

Jeff: No, this should not be part of the selection process.


Jeff: The Big East looked bad with Lousiville -- its near miss tournament champion -- going down to Morehead State. Do any of the three remaining ACC schools lay an egg this weekend?

Brian: I don't know about "laying an egg" but I hardly expect Florida State to advance past this weekend.


Brian: Baseball travels to Maryland this weekend to take on the Terps. One win? Two? All three?

Jeff: I am hoping for two.


Jeff: Over/under 4,500 fans at the basketball game tomorrow?

Brian: Under, but it would be over if GDF adopted my suggestion of making it a NCAA Tournament Conte Forum viewing party after the women's game.


Brian: Last one. Prediction time. Boston College vs. Northwestern. Who ya got? What's the final score? 

Jeff: Boston College 71, Northwestern 63