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St. Mary's Coach Randy Bennett Joins The Seth Greenberg Whine Party, Forgets To Win NIT First Round Game

Like Virginia Tech's Seth Greenberg, St. Mary's coach Randy Bennett is not a fan of Selection Sunday. Bennett's Gaels were snubbed for the second time in three years when they didn't hear their name called as one of the Field of 68 on Sunday. Late season losses to San Diego, Utah State and Gonzaga all but did in the Gaels.

Bennett is so miffed at the Committee that he went so far as to suggest that the NCAA should adopt the BCS to select the top 68 teams in the NCAA. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

"Go to BCS. Go to something where there's a standardized number how you figure out who's in, who's not," Bennett said about 10 minutes after learning his Gaels (25-8) were not one of the 37 teams to receive an at-large bid.

Because I know the way we're doing it now is, some teams can get a 65, 69 RPI and they're from a big conference, the (selection committee) will find a way to make an excuse to get them in.

Whereas from our conference, they're not going to flip-flop that. We're not going to get the same deal. To me, that's not right."

I can understand Bennett's frustration to a point. Life is tough as a mid-major, and the Selection Process could certainly use more transparency.

But there is a valuable lesson that I hope BC and Donahue learn from all this. It's my hope that if Boston College gets snubbed a second (or third) time in the Donahue era that the Don again takes the high road, because these statements do no good and can only come back to haunt you.

Take St. Mary's plight for instance. Criticism of the Selection Process is great and all, but the Gaels forgot to do one thing -- win their first round NIT matchup with the MAC regular season champs. St. Mary's let Kent State climb out of a 13-point second half deficit to stun the Gaels 71-70. Oops.


In other news, we can all sleep soundly for the rest of the NIT, as I don't think we have to worry about Reggie Jackson's motivation levels for the rest of the tournament.

"We felt like we were snubbed," BC guard Reggie Jackson (22 points) said of the NCAA tournament committee's decision not to award the Eagles' an at-large bid to the big dance. "We wanted to take our revenge. This is a great tournament with a great history."