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Selection Sunday: Boston College Basketball Bracketology

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We are finally here. Selection Sunday.

The question on everyone's mind is whether Boston College is in or out at this point. In all likelihood, we are out -- done in by a lopsided ACC Quarterfinals loss to Clemson, and weekend wins by Penn State, Richmond and Virginia Tech:

The Dagger's Jeff Eisenberg explains:

"The Eagles one-sided quarterfinal loss to fellow at-large hopeful Clemson on Friday afternoon will probably be the result that keeps them from making the field of 68. A 9-7 ACC record is nothing to get excited about this season, and a victory over Texas A&M is the only standout non-conference win on Boston College's resume."

In one day, out the next. Such is life on the bubble.

Two of the below brackets have BC sneaking in as a 12 seed, so I suppose there's still an outside chance. But I wouldn't count on it. Buckle up, because it's going to be an uncomfortable Sunday.


Dave Ommen, BracketVille (Mar. 13)
First Five Out, along with Alabama, St. Mary's, UAB and VCU

Joe Lunardi, ESPN (Mar. 13)
First Four Out, along with Alabama, Georgia and UAB

Andy Glockner, Sports Illustrated (Mar. 13)
Out of the tournament

Daily Bracket (Mar. 13)
No. 12 seed in the West, playing Georgia in a First Four Matchup (Last 5 In)

Bracket Predictions (Mar. 13)
No. 12 seed, playing Penn State in a First Four matchup

Mike Huguenin, (Mar. 13)
Out of the tournament

Eric Prisbell, Washington Post (Mar. 12)
Out of the tournament

Jerry Palm, CBS Sports (Mar. 12)
First Four Out, along with UAB, Colorado and Harvard

Chris Dobbertean, Blogging The Bracket (Mar. 12)
First Four Out, along with USC, Alabama and Harvard

Patrick Stevens, Washington Times (Mar. 12)
First Four Out, along with Colorado, Alabama and St. Mary's

Bracketology 101 (Mar. 12)
First Four Out, along with Penn State, UAB and USC