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Friday Bubble Watch Supplemental For Boston College's NCAA Tournament Hopes

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After BC's deflating 70-47 loss to Clemson, the Eagles find themselves on the wrong side of the proverbial NCAA Tournament bubble, according to ESPN's Joe Lunardi. Here are Lunardi's Last 4 In and First 4 Out post Clemson meltdown.

Last 4 In: Virginia Tech, Michigan State, USC, Alabama
First 4 Out: Boston College, Georgia, UAB, Missouri State

This simplifies BC's bubble watch rooting guide quite a bit. You should still root for all the teams in Friday's guide, but here are the critical matchups for the rest of the day:

- Michigan State vs. Purdue
- USC vs. Arizona
- Virginia Tech vs. Florida State
- Oregon vs. Washington

BC needs wins from Purdue, Arizona, Florida State and Washington to have a chance of getting back onto the right side of the Tournament bubble. Well this, and praying that the bid thievery is kept to an absolute minimum (I'm looking at you, Atlantic 10).

All four programs on Lunardi's First 4 Out list are done and can only wait things out, but it's a good sign that BC is listed first of those four programs. A Hokies loss tonight could push Virginia Tech back off the bubble, replaced by BC, who swept the regular season series and have better RPI and SOS numbers. 

Go Boilermakers, Wildcats, Seminoles and Huskies!