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BC's National Signing Day Wrap Up And The Big Finish

Brian: Boston College's National Signing Day came and went without much fanfare. In fact, it was a pretty quiet day on the Heights as Spaziani didn't even hold a press conference due to the weather. All in, Spaz signed 23 football players to the class of 2011, including five offensive linemen, five defensive linemen and five defensive backs. The class included just three skill position guys on offense -- QB Christian Suntrup (St. Louis, Mo.), TE Brian Miller (Andover, Ma.), and WR Curt Evans (Hollywood, Fl.).

Spaz seemingly used this year to focus on building up both lines in favor of offensive skill position players. Do you agree with his approach, or would you have liked to have seen Spaz go after some skill position players to bolster an offense that ranked 109th in the country in total offense? Your thoughts?

Jeff: Absolutely. They might not all be future NFLers, but we do have quite a few other skill position players currently on the roster. Suntrup and Miller were two of the best signees we had so even though we didn't get quantity, at least we got some good quality in the positions we did pick up. BC really lacked depth on both lines this season so that is there biggest need. Unfortunately, linemen are more likely to be redshirted than skill position players because of the size required to be successful. This class might not help us a whole lot next season, but should help us a lot in the future.

Brian: Out of this year's class, who do you feel has the best chance at getting playing time right away?

Jeff: One or two of those lineman are going to see some time immediately just because that is our biggest need. Which one manages to put on twenty pounds between now and September and quickly pick up the more complicated schemes will get the playing time. I really have no idea who that will be.

Brian: BC's recruiting class was ranked 38th in the nation by Rivals and 35th in the nation by Scout. The class was good for sixth best in the ACC, and third in the Division behind Florida State and Clemson. Overall, were you impressed with this year's recruiting class? How would you say Spaz did this year when it comes to recruiting?

Jeff: The recruiting class didn't blow me away as I'm sure it didn't blow away anyone, but I am happy with it. Everyone seems to have us barely in the top half of the ACC which I'll take. Virginia had a great year and Clemson, Florida State, Miami, and Virginia Tech regularly beat us in such rankings. We essentially out recruited the teams in the ACC we are capable of out recruiting.


Big Finish

Brian: Spaz blamed some of the recruiting spacing issues on the recent coaching turnover on the Heights. Fair or foul? 

Jeff: Fair. He is right, can't blame him for saying it.


Jeff: Last year we got KPL (Kevin Pierre-Louis), this year ALJ (Albert Louis-Jean). Who's got the best name of this year's class?

Brian: Mehdi Abdesmad wins going away.


Brian: The only specialist in the class -- K/P Alex Howell -- joins P Ryan Quigley as the only South Carolinians on the Eagles roster. Are we developing a nice little kicker recruiting pipeline down in your neck of the woods?

Jeff: Let's hope. Quigley has been a good punter and will need to be replaced after next season.


Jeff: Will BC have an Offensive Coordinator by the end of the week? Who will it be?

Brian: I hope so. Let's go with Ryan Day.


Brian: Super Bowl XLV -- Steelers vs. Packers. Will B.J. Raji, Robert Francois and the Packers get it done on Sunday? 

Jeff: Yes. Packers win by 6.


Jeff: The College Hockey Blog reports that there won't be no more Skills Competition at the Frozen Four. You disappointed?

Brian: I think the Skills Competition is cool. Just seemed ill-timed occurring during the Frozen Four.


Brian: Last one. BC hoops looks to stop the bleeding as they host the visiting Virginia Tech Hokies at Conte Forum. Who ya got? What's the final score?

Jeff: I think BC does stop the bleeding. 78-72 final.