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BC's Mark Herzlich Media Center Of Attention At NFL Combine

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Predictably, Mark Herzlich was the media center of attention at the NFL Combine on Sunday afternoon. Herzlich arrived for interviews on Sunday, and told a group of media that he is "100 percent" and ready to participate in the Combine's physical tests.

"I think I'm back too," he responded. "I've progressed, and I think everyone saw my progression week to week during the season. A lot of people don't understand, I haven't had an offseason yet to get my strength back, my speed back. My first practice was three days before my first game. This month that I've had off, the gains I've made have been incredible so far."

At least one member of the media was so impressed with Herzlich that they said he has a future as a motivational speaker.

Mark will be participating in the linebacker physical drills being held today, setting out to prove that he has fully recovered from his cancer treatment and looking to improve his draft stock. You can catch full coverage of the NFL Combine LB Drills today on the NFL Network at 2 PM ... and 4 PM ... and 8 PM ... and 11 PM ... and 2 AM.


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