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Boston College 63, Virginia 44: Eagles Run Past Cavaliers

Brian: After a slow start, the Eagles, led by Corey Raji and Reggie Jackson, went on a 26-4 run spanning the first and second half to down the Cavaliers 63-44 at JPJ Arena. Jackson finished with 25 points while Raji finished with 17.

The story of the afternoon was BC's strong performances on both ends of the court. BC shot over 50 percent from the field, and held the Cavs to under 33 percent shooting. Now Virginia certainly isn't the most talented team in the conference, but were BC's strong performances on offense and defense a sign of good things to come this week? Your thoughts?

Jeff: Certainly BC looked very good for the last 32 minutes of the game, but some of that was probably bad Virginia play as well. It got me excited for the Virginia Tech game until 11:00 Saturday when Virginia Tech knocked off Duke.

Seeing Reggie get the announcers excited was nice as he has been disappointing at times in ACC play this season. Also, after the game he said that he told the team its like they're in a single elimination playoff the rest of the way. If Reggie can play well down the stretch we'll be dancing for sure. I also liked that we started really cold but still got it going and ended the half well.

Brian: The Eagles enter the final week of the regular season needed two wins against Virginia Tech and Wake Forest to improve their NCAA Tournament resume. How do you see the final week of the regular season going down, starting with BC's crucial road game in Blacksburg Tuesday night?

Jeff: Thanks to a little Duke hangover and the guys playing well in the same state over the weekend, I think BC will do very well Tuesday night. In the past, we've seen our football team lose winnable games after beating Notre Dame. This same type of hangover will plague VT Tuesday night and BC will come away with the victory. Then Wake Forest at home isn't worth discussing.

Brian: BC is currently in 6th place in the ACC Standings with a record of 7-7. Where does BC finish at the end of the regular season on Sunday?

Jeff: There's really not a lot of potential movement for BC at this point. BC owns any tiebreaker with Maryland and hopefully will with Virginia Tech after Tuesday night. BC will be very significant favorites against Wake Forest so I am chalking that up as a win. BC I'll also go ahead and assume Maryland splits their remaining games. If BC beats Virginia Tech they'll be a 5 seed while if they lose to Virginia Tech they'll be a 6 seed. VT and Clemson play each other Saturday so one of those teams will get a win and finish ahead of BC. With a win and a 5 seed in the ACC tournament, BC will draw Wake Forest Thursday and likely Virginia Tech Friday, both teams BC plays to end the season. Will BC be able to beat the Hokies three times this season? We'll know soon.