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Boston College's Toomer's Corner Tree Poisoning? And The Big Finish

Brian: The Alabama-Auburn rivalry kicked it up a notch earlier this week when a Crimson Tide fan poisoned the trees around Toomer's Corner. Auburn fans are furious about the desecration of their great tradition, and the man recently arrested was charged with criminal mischief. If I'm that guy, I'm staying in jail ... permanently. Fans in Alabama don't take their college football allegiances lightly.

This whole Toomer's Corner tree poisoning incident got me thinking. What if BC's rivals decided to take their rivalry with BC to the next level? Are there any traditions, places or things that if they were irrevocably damaged, would cause Superfans to flip s--t?

What if Notre Dame fans tore down the recently installed Doug Flutie statue? Or if Boston University fans painted the Bapst Library stained glass windows scarlet and white? What do you think? What BC traditions can you think of that would cause Superfans to freak the eff out?

Jeff: Nothing? There is not really an equivalent symbol for Eagles' fans that a rival school's fans could go after. How about stealing Baldwin Jr.'s costume? It's not exactly equivalent but it would be creative by opposing fans and would get the students at BC in a little uproar. I mean, no one could realistically steal Flutie's Heisman.

Brian: Nothing? C'mon Jeff. Use your imagination here.

I like the idea of stealing Baldwin's costume. What if at a hockey game, a Boston University student stole the skating Baldwin costume and came out with the body of Baldwin, but with the head of Rhett the Boston Terrier? It wouldn't necessarily cause irreparable harm to the school's tradition, but it would certainly scare the crap out of younger Superfans in attendance and I'm sure parents would be upset.

Also, how about spray-painting "Terriers" across the Kelley Rink ice? Painting ALL of the Mods a rival's team color? Dressing the statue of Ignatius in the scarlet and white of a BU hockey jersey, or a green Notre Dame football jersey? Somehow "borrowing" the Gasson Tower bell? Dying the reservoir waters Irish green or BU scarlet? Laying waste to the trees and landscaping in the Quad? Or the Dust Bowl (oh, wait. Too late).

I suppose you're right. Maybe there isn't a BC tradition as sacred as Toomer's Corner. Or maybe Superfans are sufficiently apathetic that they just wouldn't care.


Big Finish

Brian: ESPN's Ivan Maisel seems to like the Rogers OC hire, stating that if he can unlock Rettig's potential, BC will challenge Florida State and Clemson in the Atlantic. You like the hire as much as Maisel?

Jeff: Maisal is probably just excited he's not Tranquill.


Jeff: Tomahawk Nation sets BC's mid-season benchmark at 4-3 or better after October 22. Agree?

Brian: That's too low. The benchmark should be 5-2 after the first seven, with losses to Tech and one of Northwestern / Maryland / Clemson.


Brian: analyst Bucky Brooks thinks that with a good showing at the Combine, Anthony Castonzo could be the first tackle taken off the board. Do you?

Jeff: Yes, with every day that passes people forget more and more how disappointing our line was this season.


Jeff: Castonzo became only the 12th man ever to become a member off the All-ACC Academic team for the fourth time, while Andre Williams was also named in his first season. Chances he also makes it four straight seasons?

Brian: Only 12 people have ever done it, so it's tough to do. If Andre keeps hitting the books though, I suppose he has a shot. 20% chance.


Brian: The baseball team starts the season today against Coastal Carolina, kicking off a 19-game road trip against some stiff competition to start the season? Where you setting the over/under on wins for BC's first 19 games?

Jeff: 3 against Florida State, 3 against Florida and one against the Red Sox. 9.5?


Jeff: The BC women lost to Miami last night giving up 90 points at home. They lost to Florida State earlier this season when giving up 102 points at home. What's up with the women against teams from the state of Florida in Conte Forum?

Brian: Don't know if its Florida teams specifically or ranked ACC opponents in general. ACC women's hoops is stacked this year with Duke, Miami, FSU, North Carolina and Maryland all ranked.


Brian: Last one. BC-North Carolina hoops tomorrow in which could be a marquee win on the Eagles' resume. Does BC hold UNC below 80 points this time? 

Jeff: Yes, UNC only scored over 80 in three ACC games this season and they were all in a row. They were hot last time.