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Which Championship Will Come First For Boston College? Football Or Basketball?

We know exactly how you feel, man. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
We know exactly how you feel, man. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Reader TheSpecialOne posed this question in the comments section of yesterday's post, wondering what will come first -- a Boston College ACC football championship or an ACC basketball championship?

In just its first 5+ years in the league, BC has had its fair share of close calls. A 78-76 loss to Duke in the 2006 ACC Tournament title game, and back-to-back ACC Football Championship Game appearances in 2007 and 2008.

We opened this question up to Twitter, and I was actually a little surprised at how varied the responses were. Here's what you fine people had to say on the issue:

Football Championship First:

- "football. even this past down year we were in the running for a title. And despite spaz's weaknesses he can coach a defense" (@BCEagle14)
- "One thing to keep in mind, 7 current ACC schools have won MBB titles since '54. 4 schools have won in football since '05" (@thedevilwolf)
- "To win bball you have to go through Duke or UNC every year. ACC fball doesnt have a perennial power like that, not close" (@lookitsckaz)
- "For 13 of the past 14 bball tournaments, UNC or Duke has won. I'm gonna go with football." (@PhilJKowalski)

Basketball Championship First:

- "honestly, i'd say basketball. We are in for 5ish years of 7-5 in football. BB could get hot and win one." (@joegrav)
- "Much easier to win in bball...1 or 2 stars can carry a team to a title...not so in football" (@jamie924)
- "has to be basketball. Steve Donahue doesn't seem anywhere as inept as Spaz. #wearebc" (@BCHysteria)
- "Much harder in football because of format. Plus, some teams lack motivation in tournament." and "Also, easier to build 12-man hoops roster than 85-man football roster." (@TomahawkNation)
- "easier to win in basketball due to the entire season being played on one weekend" (@MichaelRogner)
- "Another factor: do you think our FB program will step up to the mark any time soon? IMO it's iffy" (@SoaringToGlory)

Door #3:

- "Cubs World Series" (@joegrav)
- "Northeastern wins the #beanpot" (@jamie924)
- "My own death" (@BCHysteria)

Poor Northeastern. Tough crowd!

So what do you think? Let us put it to a vote. Which Championship will come first for Boston College? An ACC Football Championship, or an ACC Men's Basketball Championship?